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The Building Blocks of Top Manufacturing Websites

When you think about engaging websites, manufacturing ones rarely come to mind. The industry has a reputation for being mechanistic, technical, and challengingly complex. However, there’s no reason that a manufacturing company needs to restrict its website to fit this mold.

Indeed, there are some manufacturing companies that have managed to craft compelling, engaging websites despite the technical nature of their work. Following in their footsteps is the best way to replicate the success that these companies have had in your own website. Keep reading to learn what features separate the top manufacturing websites from the rest and how you can build them into your website.

Audience-Targeted Content

When building a manufacturing website, you need to remember that most of the people who visit it won’t be experts. Too many manufacturing websites turn off potential clients and customers because of their overly technical language and content focus. Instead of falling into this trap, you can enhance your site by humanizing its content. This is especially important given that 94% of business-to-business buyers perform their own research online before contacting a manufacturing company.

To humanize your website’s content, you need to make it relatable to an average user. The first step in this process is defining what that user looks like. Is it an individual customer or a business? Or, maybe it’s both. Either way, focus on creating content that speaks directly to them in a language they will easily understand.

Top-Notch User Experience Design is a Must

The more challenging your website is to navigate, the less likely that a potential customer will remain on it or revisit it again in the future. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize UX design in the website creation process. At Onsharp, we have firsthand experience with what a UX improvement can do for a website.

So, what does good UX design look like? First, you need to ensure that your target audience is able to visit the links they want access to efficiently. Additionally, your website should have a responsive design that works well on every device that a user could use to access it. If you have an online shop, make sure that you utilize eCommerce features that optimize your users’ shopping experiences.

By prioritizing features like these, you’ll make it much easier for users to access the web content that you want them to find. Just a few of these UX changes could significantly increase your web traffic, which you can ultimately convert into more sales.

Utilize Clear Calls to Action

The best manufacturing websites also make clear calls to action consistently. Your company has a website for a purpose. Whether it’s to increase brand awareness, build a customer base, or sell products, you’re trying to accomplish something by investing in your internet presence. It’s important that you don’t forget this as you work to optimize your website.

Instead, as you work to improve user experience and humanize your content, you should also be reminding your users what you’d like for them to do through calls to action. Placing these in strategic locations can help your manufacturing company accomplish the goals that it has for its website.

Onsharp Can Help

Speaking of calls to action, consider contacting Onsharp if you’re ready to take your manufacturing website to the next level. We have an extensive background in manufacturing website redesigns and would love to help you accomplish what we’ve already done for other clients. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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