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Website Redesign Case Study

CPP Wind Engineering

CPP Wind Engineering is a notable wind engineering firm headquartered in Windsor, Colorado, just to the southeast of Fort Collins, with locations across the globe. They’ve worked on highly recognized buildings, including the Burj Khalifa and the Twin Towers.

CPP Wind Engineering’s Goals

CPP Wind contacted Onsharp to redesign their website. They wanted to update their design and content to be simple, clean, and concise, and they desired to use Google Analytics to improve user experience. One of their goals was to have returning visitors find articles easier, while another goal was to have new, potential customers be able to easily find information about their services.


Onsharp’s Work

After our kickoff call with CPP Wind, Onsharp analyzed their sitemap and the content on each page. They reorganized the navigation and grouped relevant information together with guidance from CPP Wind.

Onsharp chose images that conveyed the written content on each page and CPP Wind’s overall services. By including strategically chosen keywords and phrases in their content and meta descriptions, Onsharp optimized each page for organic search. They also chose and customized a WordPress theme that would be easy for CPP Wind to update on their own.


The Results

Before CPP Wind reached out to Onsharp, they had some seriously confusing navigation issues and random pages that weren’t connected to any webpage or section. Onsharp shuffled their sitemap in a way that would make sense to users, and they made it easy to navigate to and from different pages on the website. Onsharp also transferred over 200 blog posts/articles with photos to maintain their SEO rankings on these topics and help returning customers find this information easily, which was one of their goals.

CPP Wind now has a functional, professional website that conveys their work to their audience that needs expert wind engineering services.

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