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Strengthening Contact Methods on Your Construction App

It is easy to be fixated on creating the general look of a website then failing to put effort into a contact page. But the “Contact Us” page is one of the most important features of your app.

According to the Society of Digital Agencies, more than 70% of agencies conclude that a lacking UX will negatively affect customers’ opinions about them. By focusing on the design of a Contact Us page and making it easy to navigate, your customers will appreciate the effort and respect you as a business. Here are a few tips that can assist you in making the best contact methods page for your customers.

1. Point of contact

The most important question you can ask yourself now is, “Who do I want my users to get in contact with?”.

You can answer this question by considering each department of your business. Do you want users to connect with sales, technical, or other departments? For your construction app, is there a specific department you want your customers to talk to? If you are selling products, then pivot them to the sales team. If you want them to come to your brick and mortar location, then you will go for a maps widget so that they can find you in person.

By understanding how you want your company to interact with customers, you are one step closer in establishing a great foundation for your contact methods.

2. How to let customers choose which department they want

After establishing a point of contact, think about how you want your customers to choose which department they want, such as directing them towards a specific department.

However, if you want to give your customers options, then segment your contact page into the different departments at your company. Have a link that goes to a simple form in which the message will be sent to the respective department. You can also start out the contact page with a form but let your customer write in a box which department they want. Rather than reaching out to a specific department, they could even answer what services they will be requiring, then the page redirects to the desired person. For example, a user could choose that they’d like to see a quote or consult about prices, then they get directed to sales without knowing that it is specifically a sales call.

Next, let customers know who they will be talking to when reaching out to a department. For each one, include the name of the person the customer will talk to. If it’s a team of people, then mention everybody’s name. Then if it’s possible, include a link to each person’s bio.

An example of letting customers choose which department they want comes from a website we designed for S&S Transport. On their contact page, we included phone numbers for a few departments and placed a staff directory there as well if customers want a specific person.

3. Type of contact information

Another overlooked feature is including how you want your customers to contact you. You can start with a form that is directed towards a specific person or department. But there are different types of contact methods to include as well. They are as follows:

  • Phone number
    • List phone numbers for each department. For a more personal touch, include individuals’ phone numbers. This is only recommended for smaller businesses.
  • Location
    • If your business has a physical location, then include your headquarters’ address along with other locations if there are more buildings.
    • Furthermore, try to have a Google Maps widget that shows the precise location of your business. By doing so, consumers can easily get directions from Google Maps and make it easier for them to contact you.
  • Email
    • You can add emails for each department alongside the phone numbers.
  • Hours
    • Include the hours of operation for your business if applicable. Put in the days that you are open and mention holiday closures.
    • If your hours are affected due to Covid, be sure to update that information and clarify that information has been updated due to Covid.

There are hundreds of ways to format each of these elements on your contacts page, especially for construction websites. We go into detail on the exact ways you can design your construction website in this article.

4. Visual fidelity

Now that you have your information and know how to present it, focus on the visuals. Having a catchy, vibrant, and memorable contact page will earn respect from your customers.

Also consider consistent spacing and a clean design when presenting your contact information. If you have each department’s phone number and email too close to each other, not only will it look messy, but users will feel confused in picking out their desired contact information. No one wants to be overwhelmed by the amount of decisions required just to use one page.

When picking out the design format for the contact page, think about how you want consumers to feel when choosing this page. Do you want to show vibrant visuals or go with a minimalist design? How about making a graphic image for the page?

(Source: https://marvelapp.com/contact-us)

5. Be responsive

Lastly, do not miss any contact requests. You can also have customers chat with you or the team as well. Include this chat support in the following ways:

  • Chat bot
    • Program a bot to chat with a customer about any number of preprogrammed topics.
  • Phone number
    • For these calls, remind customers about their wait time, but emphasize your appreciation that they chose your business.
  • Live chat
    • In each live chat session, make it clear who is the one chatting to the customer. Introduce yourself and don’t forget your manners.

Incorporate a way for customers to get in contact with the founders. They can provide either sound criticism or appreciation for your business. Thank them for their comments and discuss with your team possible issues.

There are even more must haves for your website beyond these chat features. Take a look at our article in which we discuss more elements you should include in your construction app.


There are numerous things to consider when creating a contact methods page. If you’d like more guidance connecting with your customers, then contact Onsharp. We are more than happy to help make your “Contact Us” page stand out.

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