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5 Must-Haves for Your Construction App

Having an application to manage projects for your construction business is a must in today’s world. In order to keep an edge, you need one location for all of your construction needs. And while the flashlight app is great for installing a vent pipe in the attic, and a carpenter’s calculator app is useful when building cabinets for a bathroom remodel, you need an app to help manage your projects.

Here we’ll cover five things your construction management application must have in order to improve efficiency and clarify communication.

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We’ve scoured the internet and put together a list of the top qualities from industry-leading construction apps that Onsharp believes are most effective.

1. Presales Processing

Every construction project starts with a presales process. An app should be a one stop shop for streamlining yours. Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Place bids
  • Submit and edit estimates
  • Submit and edit proposals
  • Receive approval

You can optimize your CRM (customer relation management) with a seamless presales process. Making it easier for clients is always a plus.

2. Document Management

On any project, there are a number of documents that multiple people need to have access to as well as the ability to make necessary changes. Your app should be capable of the following:

  • Safety requirements
  • See/edit job plans
  • Update daily site logs
  • Upload images
  • Check status of RFIs
  • Check status of permits

Ensuring your field operators have access to these documents will allow you to rest easy knowing that communication is clear and everyone has what they need. This in turn will minimize confusion and mistakes made.

3. Scheduling

Every project has a lot of moving parts and a lot of different people onsite at any given time.

  • Employees
  • Sub-contractors
  • Inspectors
  • Meetings

Your app should be capable to schedule and track the hours of each employee and subcontractor that is onsite. This will maximize efficiency and ensure client satisfaction by doing so.

4. Budgeting

Project budgets are perhaps the most important aspect of any project. You can have the best tradesmen onsite, but if you spend the majority of you budget on materials, you won’t have enough to pay them. Keeping track of your budget is crucial to project success. Your app should allow you to:

  • Keep track of your budget
  • Upload receipts and invoices
  • Make real-time changes in the field

5. Building Image Modeling

One of the best uses by far of technology with regard to the construction industry is 3D imaging software for your building plans. 55% of firms are already using them. Integrating one of these software program could be a game changer for you. There are a few crucial things that these software programs can do for you:

  • Pre-project visualization
  • Better collaboration and communication
  • Version-based cost estimating
  • Clash detection and risk management
  • Increased efficiency in prefabbing

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Construction management apps are essential to gaining and keeping an edge during these trying times. Having Onsharp build a custom app to fit your needs may be what separates you from the competition. Or maybe you’re satisfied with the systems you’ve got in place but aren’t so pleased with your website. Here are 3 Tips to Keeping Your Site Fresh and Relevant.

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