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Remaking Your Manufacturing Brand Online

Manufacturing brands are often seen as cold and impersonal. These days, as manufacturing is transformed by digital tools, it’s even more important to create a manufacturing brand that speaks to customers in a modern and humane way.

If you’re looking to remake your manufacturing brand and stand out from the competition, we recommend taking a deep-dive into the expertise that powers your company. Let’s go through six key steps to successfully update your manufacturing brand. 

1. Humanize your brand

Clients want to know who’s behind your company, including your corporate team, experts, workers and past clients. Telling your story builds trust and shows not only who you are but what you stand for. You can tell your story in several spots online, such as your About Us page, client testimonials and blog content. Highlighting company voices can make a big difference in reaching your clients on a personal level.

2. Showcase your expertise

In addition to humanizing your brand, you should emphasize your know-how. This is especially important because 94% of business-to-business buyers perform online research before contacting a manufacturing company. Having expertise gives potential clients confidence in your ability to do a great job. You can ask company experts to share their voices through your blog, podcasts or videos. Or, if you have academic expertise, you should opt for whitepapers, ebooks and studies. In any case, don’t allow your expert voices to stay silent.

3. Put your technology in the spotlight

Manufacturing has gone through significant technological change in recent years. AI, digital warehouses and supply chain scalability are just some trends that potential clients like to see being put into practice. You should be sure to underscore the role of technology in your company on your webpage and social media pages. In particular, it’s great to add success stories about new technologies your team is implementing.

4. Design your look-and-feel across platforms

Your brand isn’t just about having an amazing website design. We suggest that all of your online channels, including eCommerce, web and social media should have consistent and modern branding. If you opt for a design make-over, don’t forget to keep your online presence updated across the board. Every client-contact method should be styled with your up-to-date branding.

5. Reintroduce your brand

After remaking your manufacturing brand, you should reintroduce your company to the world. In this way, you can build community and generate new interest in your services. Give updates online through social media, especially LinkedIn, and highlight big-ticket content on your blog. This will set up your new branding for success.

6. Keep your brand values

Ultimately, your brand should reflect your company’s values. Even as you modernize or reinvent your brand, be sure to maintain your core values. For example, sense of trust, reliability, client-orientation… whatever you feel defines your brand, you should keep. Don’t try to have trendy or cool branding just because you think it will reach potential customers.

Bring your manufacturing brand to the 21st century. Keep it humane, expert-focused and tech-supported – and stay true to who your company is. 

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