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How Location Data Can Transform Your Manufacturing App

Increasingly, manufacturing companies are choosing to invest in mobile application technologies. Doing so enables them to perform important tasks easier. This is a list that includes generating faster price quotes, managing production more efficiently, and making customer interactions easier.

Even with the increased attention that the manufacturing industry has directed at mobile applications, there’s still room for growth. More specifically, few manufacturing companies have integrated location data services into their mobile apps. That’s a mistake. Adding this feature to your company’s app could be game-changing. Keep reading to learn why.

What is Location Data?

Put simply, location data is information about the specific whereabouts of a mobile device. For example, if you were to track a device’s location data, you would be able to see everywhere that the device is taken. This is becoming more and more popular due to the impressive insights location data generates about consumer habits.

Location data can be used to generate insights about your customers at both an individual and a collective level. It’s why tech titans like Facebook, Google, and others all incorporate location data services into their mobile apps.

Your manufacturing company can benefit from the consumer insights generated by location data, too. Doing so is as simple as integrating location data features into your mobile application.

Use Location Data to Target Customers Individually

Once you’ve built location data services into your app, your company will be able to see where your users are taking their mobile devices. This information can be really valuable if you know what to do with it.

For example, maybe your manufacturing company sells home improvement products. With the tracking data you have, you can figure out when one of your customers is approaching a competitor. As that happens, you can send out a targeted push notification offering a special deal to the customer.

This kind of real-time marketing is growing more and more important — especially since more than 50% of all Google searches now take place on mobile devices. Tracking your users’ location data will set your company up to benefit from it.

Add Value to Your App with Location Data Services

You can also use location data to make your app more beneficial to your users. This can be done by building new features around the data that you track about a user’s location. For example, maybe your manufacturing company sells cookware and you’re tracking location data from customers who visit delis, butchers, or other specialized grocers.

You can use that data to provide your users with insightful information about their impending purchase. Maybe you want to push out a new recipe for them to try (one that uses your cookware, of course). Or, maybe you want to send the user some nutritional information about the food they plan on buying.

The potential applications of this are virtually unlimited. The point is that you can use the information that you have about a user’s location to provide them with things they want. This consumer interaction is an easy way for your manufacturing company to build its brand image and position itself as a reliable industry leader.

Trust Onsharp to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Manufacturing App

Location data services can turn your manufacturing app into a lead generator, salesperson, and marketer. With so many ways to benefit, why wouldn’t you want to add it to your company’s mobile technology?

When you’re ready to get started, reach out to Onsharp. We have an extensive background in helping companies get more out of their mobile technology. We’d love to tell you more about what we can do for your company and hope to hear from you soon to get started.

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