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App Development Case Study

Cabo Villas Beach Resort

Set against the sun-drenched backdrop of one of the world’s most famous destinations, Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa promises a vacation experience unlike any other.

A Premier Destination in Los Cabos

Located in “The Heart of Cabo”, Cabo Villas Beach Resort is a premier vacation destination for those looking to enjoy the best accommodations that Cabo San Lucas has to offer. While the hotel and its amenities were top notch, their web-based software platform for managing member information, reservations, maintenance fee payments, and other hotel information had a lot of inefficiencies and was built on old and hard to update technology. Doing simple tasks such as recording a maintenance fee payment or adding a new member was cumbersome and took many steps to complete. Additionally, the layout of the system was confusing and difficult to navigate because system functions and reports were not very well organized. In order to continue growing the hotel and provide great service, Cabo Villas Beach Resort knew that they needed to take a big step forward with their software platform.


A Robust Solution

The solution for Cabo Villas Beach Resort was to build a new web-based application that fulfilled all of their needs while also transferring 15+ years of historical data into the new system without losing any information. This all had to be built, tested, and deployed to their entire staff within a 9 month time period. This was not an easy feat since, over the history of the hotel, hundreds of different ways to sell a timeshare or membership had been built into the old system and had to be similarly handled by the new system. The new system also had to make reporting much easier and more flexible than it had been in the past. The old system had way too many reports because when report “versions” needed to be slightly different, a whole new report was created when a simple filter or setting could have been applied to the existing report. All in all, this was a large migration and application build that needed to be done in a very short amount of time, but Onsharp was prepared and ready for the task.


A New Path Forward

The new web-based system project began in January and the first version was launched in September of that same year. Over the course of the next year and still to this day, Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Onsharp work together to make continuous improvements to the system and further integrate it with their other systems and websites. The new web-based system that was built makes it fast and efficient for staff to create leads, enter tour information, sign up members, record contracts, enter maintenance fee payments, and keep notes and history on all customers. It also ties in with their website and makes it easy for members to pay their annual dues or mortgage payments securely online. Every single piece of information from the old system was successfully transferred to the new database by carefully mapping and validating all data from past membership and timeshare sales. This process involved carefully crafting a database schema that would allow all of the different ways a timeshare or membership was sold in the past to be handled appropriately. This will allows Cabo Villas Beach Resort to continue adapting the way they sell timeshares and memberships as they continue to adjust their offerings to best fit the needs of their customers.

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