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Advanced Filters to Wow Potential Clients on Your Real Estate Website

What’s the first place you typically go on a real estate website? The search feature. Here’s where clients can filter for their dream home, including basics like location, price, bedroom/bathroom count, etc.

Advanced search filters are an essential part of real estate websites, especially since 93% of people search online when buying a home. These filters can make the difference between a client finding the perfect place or not. By adding advanced filters, you’ll bring potential clients one step closer to cinching the deal. 

Let’s go over must-have advanced filters that will wow potential clients on your real estate website.

1. Virtual options drop-down

(Source: Coldwell Banker; Redfin )

Virtual is the new normal. It’s important for your real estate website to have virtual options included in your filters. These could include virtual open houses, virtual appointments and even 3D virtual tours. You should highlight these virtual options to stand out from the competition and signal to potential clients that you offer cutting-edge services.

2. Monthly payment calculator

(SourceL Movoto.com)

Another key filter has to do with prices. A monthly payment calculator integrated into the search can delight clients. With it, they can enter in financial parameters and receive estimates for interest, taxes, HOA and mortgage payments. These estimates can inform the client’s search and help narrow down options.

3. Location drawing tool

(Source: Century 21)

Searching by location is already a staple of real estate websites. However, a drawing tool is an excellent extra. Potential clients can draw on the map to create a search area. This can be especially useful if they’re interested in a specific street, school zone or neighborhood that doesn’t neatly fit into typical search options.

4. Compare similar homes chart

(Source:Homes.com )

While not exactly integrated into the search, the compare similar homes chart is amazing. Clients can use the chart to compare key features of homes and better analyze their options. Ideally, you could add properties to the chart for comparison. It’s also a great way to serve clients properties that you think they’ll like.

5. Travel time calculator

(Source: Zillow.com)

Commuting is terrible, which is why a travel time calculator is a great asset. A client can add their work address and find out which homes are within a reasonable commute. This can even be used with a childcare address if the client works from home. This advanced filter gives potential clients a better feel for real-life factors such as commute time.

6. Neighborhood stats criteria

(Source: Trulia)

All potential home owners want neighborhood statistics. We think the most helpful type are percentages of livability factors. For example, “walkable to grocery stores,” “streets are well-lit” and “kids play outside” are the sort of factors that are difficult to know until you live there. These sort of neighborhood stats can help adjust a client’s search. Ideally, they could exclude homes with lower scores on their most important criteria.

As you can see, adding advanced filters to your real estate website can positively impact your clients. On the other hand, if you’re looking for inspiration for your real estate mobile app, you can check out some ideas here.

Not sure how to implement these advanced filters? Talk to your tech or contact Onsharp for a consultation.

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