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A Roadmap to Digital Automotive Services

Since COVID forced the whole world into lockdown, many people have resorted to using the internet for shopping, entertainment, or paying bills. As of 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online. 

With so many people using the internet to carry out daily rituals, it is important to bolster your digital automotive services. The following article will provide a general roadmap in creating effective digital automotive services, especially for clients in the transportation and logistics fields. 

Create a Call to Action Button

Call to action buttons are useful in grabbing your audience’s attention as soon as they see your website’s homepage. By making it one of the first features they see, visitors immediately know how they will proceed if they decide to go forward with your services. 

You can use call-to-action buttons in various ways. One such call-to-action example is directing customers to a career page. Your message should be confident and positive, such as “Interested in becoming a part of the team? Then consider a career with us!”. 

Other features can include directing visitors towards your website’s most valuable resource, such as your product or your careers page. These forms of automotive online marketing will push people casually and subtly in the direction you want them to go.

If you take anything away from this section, it is to be creative with your call-to-action button. Use it as a way to show customers the ideals that your company represents. Of course, you want to make sure that your customers can easily find the call to action button by making the website easy to navigate. If you are interested in more tips, then refer to our post about making great transportation website designs

Review your business’s content and goals

After creating the perfect cta digital marketing tool, you still need to have compelling content on your website for your customers. In making engaging content, always focus on your website’s goals, and stay consistent with your objectives.

First, understand your goals by knowing what your customers want from your product. By keeping your customers in mind when developing your goals, you will have content that appeals to both them and yourself. 

You can try keeping the customer in mind by being open and honest with them. Include an about page and discuss who you are and your goals for the website. By including personal details that relate to your company’s creation, you will add a personal flair that will help build trust between you and your customer.

One more way to expand your content is to have a blog with articles focusing on your product. These blog posts can be an extension of your product as well as further showing off your passion for the website. 

In displaying your content and goals in a way that makes sense, please consider choosing an optimal CMS. The right CMS can help you create a website that matches your vision and accommodates different language options, a blog, or whichever features are necessary for you. If you want tips on choosing a CMS, then refer to our blog post about choosing the right CMS for your transportation website

Organize the content in a way that makes sense

Even after knowing what kind of content you want on your transportation website, the next step is figuring out to organize it in a good and appealing way. In learning more about organizing content, you can always refer to other websites that focus on similar products and see how they organize their content.

One such example is one of our clients, S&S Transport. We cooperated with S&S Transport and created a website that represented their goals on an appealing website. For example, S&S Transport organizes each webpage by including them on the top of the home page in a vertical bar. 

One standout feature is the Customers section, in which they direct customers to pages that will help them create an account, track their shipments, and employee-specific features including an employee forum registration. 

For the average customer, this section helps by putting everything they may need from the website under one helpful header. Furthermore, it shows S&S’s initiative in prioritizing the customers’ needs and ensuring that they have an easy time navigating their website.

Another way to organize and freshen up your website is changing the picture on your homepage often. You can change the image or images on a season-by-season basis. You can also think about creating blogs for your website as well, which attract a lot of organic traffic through Google searches. Lastly, implement security measures for your content as well. Let your customers know that their privacy is protected.

Useful features for your website

Beyond managing your content and including a call to action button, there are a few key features that can be beneficial for your website. You can:

  • Include an equipment sale and document upload page
    • Make it easy for your customers to easily find any of your equipment that is available to sell along with uploading their documents for any business transactions. 
  • Incorporate a shipment tracking feature
    • By implementing a shipment tracking feature, you can allow your customers to always see where their shipment is and how long they have until it arrives. Another similar feature is tracking orders. This helps customers know when they will get a package and if they need to get in contact with the company if something goes awry. 
  • Input important information such as physical location and contact info
    • Another one of our clients, Bert’s, includes all contact information on the bottom of every page.
    • This makes it easy for any customer to find Bert’s contact information if they have any questions that need immediate assistance.

Conclusion: A Roadmap to Digital Automotive Services

This roadmap to digital automotive services is not comprehensive, as there are even more ways to help make your website more effective. Hopefully, these few tips will help in expanding your website, and if you’re looking for more, check out our blog where we post new information weekly. 

If you want more assistance in digitizing your business, know that Onsharp is willing to help with any questions you have. You can always request a free consultation at any time and start turning your ideas into reality.

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