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How Farmers Are Going Digital with Their Data

One of the oldest practices, and a primary crux of human civilization, farming has seen many new lives over the centuries. The evolution of agricultural practices has been one of the most important, and influential advancements in our society.

Now, with technology developing at an exponential rate, farmers are taking advantage of the digital sphere to farm as precisely, and expeditiously as possible. In this article, we’ll review a few of the most common ways people are utilizing digital farming, and what steps you can take to upgrade your company. 

Drone Integration

In an agricultural setting, drones can be used for anything from collecting photo and video footage, or warding off unwanted animals, to assessing information of the plant’s wellbeing, and monitoring the overall success of the crop.

With a drone, you can also monitor your crop germination rate. Instead of scouting the perimeter, you can find out what percentage of your plants are growing, the color of the leaves and properly evaluate their nutrients levels.

There are even infrared drones that can be used to track soil temperature and to monitor the early stages of a crop’s life for the sake of anticipating its germination period.

According to the Globe Newswire, the compound annual growth rate of agricultural drones is expected to increase by 22.6% by 2026, thereby reaching a market value of 6.52 billion. Stay ahead of the curve.

GPS Capabilities

Precision farming is made possible because of GPS. Farm equipment that can use GPS is one of the most widespread advancements in farm technology.

With a tractor GPS, you can properly evaluate your variable rate in planting and fertilizing. Meaning, you can achieve a maximum return on your investment by taking into account all the data a tractor GPS can collect. For example, GPS technology can evaluate (based on where you are in the field), the productivity of the soil density in the planting vs. the density of the fertilizer, and therefore assist you in controlling any risk factors, and problem spots quickly.

Technological advancements also allow farmers to try other, more efficient techniques such as zero tillage farming. To protect the integrity of the land, farmers can use this method for the benefit of certain crops, and be able to efficiently evaluate the success of different techniques due to these advancements in precision farming.

Haven’t Gone Digital Yet? The Time Is Now

Digital agricultural companies are able to stay one step ahead, at any given time. Not only are their methods faster and more accurate, going digital with their data allows them to efficiently track their progress, and problem solve with the help of precise analytics. Plus, instead of having a surplus of paperwork, the farmers are able to compact their files and organize accordingly.

ICT (information and communication technology) focuses on developing practices in systematic ways. ICT in agriculture can be thought of as a reflection of this digital age, and how digitizing your data will only help with maximizing your techniques and capabilities.

Farmers who choose not to digitize their agricultural business will unfortunately find themselves far behind the curve of economic, and cultural growth. That’s why Onsharp is here to help with all your data needs.

Why do it with Onsharp?

These technologies are not necessarily new. But they continue to become more widespread, and that’s what matters. Let technology empower your business.

If you’re worried about keeping your data private, we can ensure you that digital driven companies are working hard to increase the security of all technological advancements, keeping you, and your company in mind.

We’re here to make your life easier. For example, we were able to help the American Crystal Sugar Company set up a system to manage their data, and create a “members only” side of their website to manage other employee needs.

Let us help you next. Whether it’s app and software development, web design and hosting, or custom integrations, we’re ready to get you started. To schedule a consultation, visit our website. Let’s grow together.

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