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5 Questions to Ask Before Creating an App

Building an app is quite the endeavor. Before you get started, it’s essential to step back and understand why you’re creating the app. This way, you can make the right decisions moving forward. For example, you’ll want to avoid making an app that’s already been done before, or one that doesn’t impress users. After all, 23% of users abandon an app after just one use.

Here are five questions to ask before creating an app, so you can boost your idea and put your vision into practice:

5 Questions to Ask Before Creating an App

1. What are your competitors offering?

There’s no use making an app that already exists. It’s important that you do market research to identify your competitors and see what they’re offering. In this way, you’ll better define what’s different about your app. Or, if you can’t find a competitive edge, you should consider other app ideas instead. Understanding the competition will also help you get a sense of the context for your app, including pricing.

2. Who’s your ideal user?

Every app has an ideal user, whose problem you want to solve. This will depend greatly on the specific app you hope to build. For example, Pinterest is most popular with its ideal user: middle-aged women who love crafts. After you define the ideal user, you’ll be able to make clear decisions about app design and user experience.

3. What’s your MVP?

You should consider your app from the ground up. The MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, gives “just enough features to be usable.” The idea here is to get feedback from initial users and apply that feedback to create more usable and popular features. This avoids developers creating complicated features that, in the end, aren’t even wanted by users. It also future proofs the app by making it easy to build on top of the initial MVP.

4. How will you market and monetize your app?

It’s also vital to consider how you will market and monetize the app. You’ll want to use your ideal user as the basis of your marketing decision. For example, if your ideal user is a Gen Z college student, you’ll want to find ways to reach this user, including popular places such as TikTok or gaming sites. At the same time, you’ll have to consider your ideal user when weighing monetization options. Younger generations are much more likely to download freemium apps with paid extras, then an app with a paywall.

5. Are you hiring the right app development company?

Moreover, there are a ton of decisions that go into making a successful app, including prototyping, platforms, budget, maintenance, privacy, security and more. Design and technical know-how can make or break your app. You’ll want to opt for app development companies with proven track records and those who are interested in honing your vision with you.

At the same time, app development can get expensive and transparent budgets are a must. After all, development only represents 35% of the total cost in the first two years of a mobile app. Yikes! Choosing the right app development company can save you time and money in the long run.

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