Our Website Essentials Standard program provides everything you need to ensure the safety, security, and speed of your website. You're busy, so let us worry about making sure your site is rock solid.


Rock solid and fast hosting in our Level 3 data centers. All hosting plans include 10GB of storage, 100GB of bandwidth (per month), and enterprise level SMTP relay for your website forms.


256-bit SSL encryption ensures peace of mind for your website visitors. With Website Essentials, we purchase and install a new certificate for your website annually.

Platform Updates

Leave the work of keeping your core WordPress installation and plugins updated to us. We’ll update your WordPress install and plugins on a quarterly basis.


We've got your back so you can sleep soundly at night. We perform full, verified website backups on a nightly basis with 7-day retention, keeping them off-site in one of our other data center locations.

We perform a vulnerability scan on your website every 90 days and address any new vulnerabilities to ensure your site is safe from security threats. Click here to learn more about our vulnerability scanning services.



We have the software, tools, and support structure to monitor your website 24x7 and respond quickly if there are any issues with your website. Let our experts keep a close eye on your site and ensure it is always up and performing well.


Looking to kick it up a notch? Our Website Essentials Pro package provides better backup retention as well as features that will greatly increase the speed of your website.


Increase backup retention from 7 to 30 days. This provides more restore points and greater peace of mind in case you need to restore your entire site or get access to a deleted file or content.


Our site caching add-on allows your website to load much faster because it stores certain aspects of your site in the browser’s cache vs pulling it form the server every time.


Our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores your site's files on servers geographically close to your visitors, drastically improving page load times and increasing your SEO ranking.

Forms Licensing

Our Pro package includes licensing for Gravity Forms. Packed with tons of time-saving tools & features, Gravity Forms is the only WordPress form management plugin you will ever need.

Onsharp What Does it Take to Host a Great Website?

Reliable, fast, and secure website hosting is a critical part of running a successful website, and the company you choose to host your website matters. Your customers expect zero downtime and zero issues with your website every time they do business with you. But what your web hosting company might not be telling you is that there’s a lot more that goes into great hosting than the fancy “unlimited storage” and “unlimited bandwidth” specs that they lure you in.

Check out our article on why website hosting is so important and what you should look for in a web hosting company.

Security threats on the Internet are an ever-present concern for your business. One of the best ways to arm yourself against these threats is to regularly scan your website for vulnerabilities. Then, if any issues are found, they can be addressed before the situation can escalate any further.

We offer our clients’ vulnerability scans every 90 days. We even offer a free one-time vulnerability scan to help businesses find out what vulnerabilities need to be addressed on their website. Read on to see the top threats that we find and address when we run these scans.