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App Development Case Study

Find Equine

Find Equine transformed the horse-buying experience with an intuitive app we built that combines modern matching technologies with visual aids and personality profiles, streamlining the search and sale of horses for both buyers and sellers.

Bringing an App Idea to Life

Choosing the Right Developer

Before coming to Onsharp, Find Equine had noticed a gap in the market for buying and selling horses. While desktop websites do exist for finding, buying, and selling horses, it’s slim pickings when it comes to the mobile app space. 

That’s why Nell Tekampe, founder of Find Equine, teamed up with Onsharp to make her app idea a reality.

“I came into the project with no experience of building an app whatsoever. I didn’t know which direction to go, what things I would need, or what concepts and ideas I would need to think of. I knew I wanted to build an app to sell horses, but I didn’t know how to actually lay that out.”

Find Equine Interview
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Watch as nell Tekampe, Founder of Find Equine, talks about
her experience with app development from Onsharp.

Overcoming Challenges

What Find Equine Needed for Success


Existing platforms simply weren’t designed or optimized for mobile, meaning that they weren’t very accessible to a wide audience and it wasn’t easy for members of the community to connect.

“There are not a lot of easy places to connect buyers and sellers,” Nell said.

The second challenge actually came about when Nell hired another app development company. “I hired another company before Onsharp that I did not have a positive experience with. I did have the app built, but was left with something that wasn’t usable or scalable.”

So, our mission was clear: to build an app for people in the horse sale and resale market that enables them to connect and conduct business, and to provide a product capable of growing alongside Find Equine as a company.

Intuitive UI

The app needed to be effortless and intuitive for users to make easy connections and smooth transactions

Mobile Accessibility

To rival existing web-based services, Find Equine knew that their solution needed to be mobile first.


As with all things Onsharp builds, the Find Equine app was developed with the ability to scale as the business grows.

Find Equine App Project

The Solution

This being Find Equine’s second time around with the app development process, it was imperative for us to get it right and help them realize their vision. In the early rumblings of the project, Nell had thought about backing out completely after remembering what her previous experience had been like.

Nell was looking for:

  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Collaboration


The client was doubtful that they would be able to see the project through to completion. However, throughout our discovery process, Nell noted that Onsharp made her feel “comfortable and confident” in the project.

“From even the tone of the first email and our first conversations, I just had a good feeling and thought that [the partnership] could be something positive.”

Throughout our curated app discovery processes and collaborative workshops, Onsharp was able to help Nell realize her vision, even with her limited experience in the app development space.

“I’m thrilled with how the app turned out. It exceeded my expectations. I had a vision for it and it was 10 times better than what I’d imagined."

NELL TEKAMPE, Founder of Find Equine

The Results

Nell told us that “Onsharp made me feel real comfortable and confident that my idea actually had some legs to stand on. I also felt that, as a company, you guys were just so honest with me. I didn’t feel like you were just trying to take my money and build an app that just wasn’t going to be scalable.”

As we got the ball rolling, Nell recalls, “Every meeting I came out of just feeling like there was progress and we were on the same page.”

When the project wrapped, we asked the million-dollar question: Are you happy with how the app turned out? 

“I’m thrilled with how the app turned out. It exceeded my expectations. I had a vision for it and it was 10 times better than what I’d imagined.”

We helped Nell turn her multi-year-long vision into a reality.

“Without Onsharp’s encouragement, I would not have the app that I have today. It was huge to actually have some real people behind it that I felt comfortable with — it made all the difference in the world.”

Find Equine App Project

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About Find Equine


Find Equine is an app for buying and selling horses that uses a comprehensive set of criteria to find and match horse buyers and sellers faster and more efficiently than ever before. With extended personality profiles and a focus on image and video, buyers can find their dream horses while sellers can rest assured knowing they’re going to a good home.

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