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Your App Toolkit: Everything an Engineer Needs on Mobile

Apps are an essential part of any business’s operation, especially during a time where person-to-person meetings aren’t always an option. When creating an engineering firm app, there are a few features that the best engineering apps will have to set themselves apart from others and create the best customer experience.

From brand promotion to ways of recruiting up-and-coming talent in the engineering field, here are a few of the best engineering app features that any engineering company app should have.

Every Engineering Firm Should Have the Following Features:

1. Promotion of Your Firm and Finding Customers

When creating an app, the first thing a firm should think about is attracting users. The ability to promote your services is one of the best engineering app features because it ensures that people will use every other feature that the firm has worked hard to implement.

The best way to promote an app is to be seen as one of the best engineering apps by the Google Play Store or the App Store. These programs have lists that showcase the best of the best in certain categories such as “Best Free” or “Best New Free” which are what engineering firms should reach for when first launching their app. Any expenses that you put into developing your app will come back to you later in the form of sales and promotion.

2. Ways to Connect with People Who Need Your Services in Your Area

With a solid online presence, people in need of engineering services in your area can find you and reach out to you simply and efficiently.

The inclusion of a dropdown menu where customers can schedule appointments or hire engineers for a job can make the scheduling process simple and easy.

Another way to connect with people in your area is to have a dropdown menu of available times for scheduling appointments. In contrast to calling a firm and having to play calendar tag, having a dropdown menu that displays a constantly updating list of available time slots can make your firm more accessible than ever.

3. A Careers Page for Engineers Looking to Work with Your Firm

Apps for engineering firms that include a section labeled “Careers” with job listings for available positions make it easy for potential applicants to find and view what might be their next career.

Many modern recruiting sites like Handshake also require hiring companies to provide a trustworthy online presence in order to even enter onto the app. A well-made app and an easily-found website will make it far easier for your recruiting team to find talent.

By expanding your regimen, you can take on more projects and potentially more complex and expansive projects as you now have the hands needed to complete them in a reasonable amount of time for the consumer.

4. Stats to Showcase Your Expertise

Case studies, stats, and reviews from your satisfied customers will make potential clients far more likely to sign a contract with your firm. Implementing a rating system on your app where customers can rate their experiences with your firm after you complete a job could allow you to display your five-star customer satisfaction rating right on the opening screen of the app.

It’s also important to think about how you display your statistics as a series of infographics is good, but a mixture of infographics, charts, and cited statistics is even better. The statistics could even be as simple as excerpts from customer reviews that express how satisfied they are with the end product and how professional your firm was while completing the work needed.

5. A Personalized About Us Page

Connecting with customers is the most important thing that a brand can do. The best engineering app features include an about page for this very reason.

In your engineering company app, you should make sure to include an easily accessible and simple-to-read About Us page that explains everything a customer might need to know about who you are and what your story is before they book your services. 80% of people want the brands they do business with to tell stories, so make sure to tell yours.

An About Us page is also a great place to insert some of the statistics mentioned earlier as you can speak of past projects you’ve done that have had an immense impact on the community. Maybe you helped to develop the electricity system for a local community center. Maybe the neighborhood school in your area required new plumbing and your firm was the one responsible for getting it back up and running.

Engineering App Example

We worked with Obernel Engineering to make sure they implemented all the vital features on their firm’s app. Have a look at their app, and see if your app is missing any of these features.

At Onsharp, we have a team that specializes in app development and can help you get an app up and running that will allow you to connect with your customer base while including all of the features listed above. We have extensive experience in managing engineering firm apps, and if you would like us to manage yours, you can contact us here to schedule a free consultation.

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