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Why Biometric Security Could Boost Your Banking App

When downloading and utilizing any app, users expect safety and security. This is especially true for apps that handle important and secure information, like details regarding health, personal matters, or finances. So, how can you ensure that your banking app meets the highest standards for security?

In this day and age, there are more technologies available than ever to protect the information of both you and users of your app/services. Multi-factor authentication, for example, has taken off as an easy way to verify a user’s identity. Biometric security is another option, one that has the potential to significantly improve your app’s security.

What are biometrics?

Biometrics refers to the measurement and/or analysis of a person’s physical characteristics, often used for security purposes. biometric systems brought in around 21.8 billion USD in 2018, and mobile biometric technologies brought in around 20 billion.

You’re probably familiar with some of the ways biometric technologies have already been implemented. Touch ID (using a fingerprint scan to unlock a device), or Face ID (using a face scan to unlock a device) are popular examples.

Biometric technology has moved from its past connotation with criminal identification into mainstream usage. In 2018, the most common platform for biometric technology usage in business was smartphones.

How do biometrics work on apps? What is the data used for?

Biometric technology aims to capture useful and unique information about an individual user to ensure that a person is who they say they are. Biometric authentication may also track behavioral patterns, such as how a user completes a security puzzle, to verify and monitor activity.

Biometric technology isn’t limited to fingerprint scans. There are many types of biometric systems. Listed below are some ideas and examples:

  • Face recognition
  • Iris recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Hand shape/geometry
  • Behavior
  • Specific characteristics (handwriting, how someone moves, etc.) 

Of course, some technologies may be more accessible than others, and some may be better suited to the services offered on your banking app. Biometrics often compare collected information to a database for verification purposes, potentially helping avoid information theft, identity theft, etc. for users.

Biometrics and security

As we’ve discussed, biometric technology has a lot to offer when it comes to security. But what else can be done in conjunction with implementing this tech to make sure that your service is as safe as it can be?

  • Encourage users to create strong passwords that are hard to breach – even with biometric technology in use, this is an important step!
  • Keep software current. Many systems that use biometrics recommend users keep software (whether it be a browser, a new phone update, or a computer system update) up to date to avoid being vulnerable to any pre-existing security flaws.
  • Choose an option that makes sense for you. For mobile apps, simpler and quicker technology (like fingerprint scans) is much handier and easier to understand than options that might be utilized elsewhere.

How can I get started?

Here at Onsharp, we’ve got the tools and the experience to help strengthen and grow your mobile app in any way that you need–including adding new and useful technology to help keep your users safe.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, reach out to us for assistance or check out some of the work we’ve done on other apps for more examples!

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