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Top WordPress Features Used on Our Clients’ Websites

When it comes to building websites, #TeamOnsharp puts these three items at the top of the list:

  1. the website must be attractive,
  2. easy to use,
  3. and look great on a mobile device.

One of the best ways to keep your website redesign on budget while maximizing return on investment is to build the website using the WordPress platform. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, and is used by more than 80 million websites.

When our team is working with a small to medium sized website, WordPress is our platform of choice. From our experience of building hundreds of websites for our clients, here are a few of the key features that your business will have access to with a new WordPress website:

Content Management System

First and foremost, WordPress is a Content Management System, which means that you will be able to create new content, publish updates, and manage your website easily, without needing to be a professional developer or designer. We love WordPress because it’s so easy to use, both for us when we’re building out your new site, and for you when you hop in and start adding new pages and content. Because of how easy it is to use, we are able to achieve more for you in less time, resulting in more feature and functionality on your website.

Mobile Responsive

94% of people with smartphones use their phone as their primary tool to search for information online, even though the majority of those searches take place at home or at work, where desktop computers are present. This means that having a website that looks good on a mobile phone is crucial to your success. WordPress and its responsive design capabilities make that possible without having to do a ton of work. With our years of experience building websites that look great on mobile devices, we are familiar with the plugins and design templates that are proven in the industry, and only work with those plugins and templates when building new sites for our clients.

Google Maps Integration

As a business, you need to make it easy for your customers to find your physical location when browsing your site, whether that be on a mobile phone or a computer. With WordPress and its Google Maps integration, we can easily allow you to display multiple locations and directions on your contact pages, all in a professional looking map interface thanks to Google Maps.


Almost every business we work with wants one or more forms on their website, and typically the #1 use of a form is for contact/lead acquisition. Our go-to plugin for creating and implementing forms on a WordPress site is Ninja Forms. What makes Ninja Forms so great? Well, not only does is speed up tremendously our ability to create forms for you when building your site, it’s so intuitive that you will be whipping up new forms in no time, adding fields, controlling where those form submissions should be sent, and customizing the response that you want your website visitors to receive when submitting a form. No longer will you need to call your web developer to create a new form on your site, because Ninja Forms makes it super easy to do it all yourself.

Google Analytics

It’s important to know how your customers are interacting with the pages on your site. We always plug our clients websites into Google Analytics to track that necessary data. There is so much great information you have access to in Google Analytics, the challenge will be not to get overwhelmed with the volume of information. That is where we help our clients understand the right metrics to watch based on the goals they have for their website. We also help our clients set up goals and conversion tracking within Google Analytics, so they can easily measure the results of their marketing campaigns without having to spend hours gathering the key information they are looking for.


Are you looking to start selling products on your website without it costing an arm and a leg? With the power of WordPress and Woo Commerce, you can be up and running with a basic online store in the matter of days. Woo Commerce is easy to customize, secure, and is lean, meaning it won’t bog down or slow down your site like some eCommerce systems can do. Another great thing about Woo Commerce is that you can grow into it slowly if needed. Are you looking to display your products online but not track inventory or allow people to buy in real-time yet? That’s no problem. As your first step, you can use Woo Commerce to create a store front, but then add checkout capabilities later once you and your team are ready to handle the process of fulfilling online orders.

Data Migration

Many of our clients have content on their old site that they want to keep without having to spend hours upon hours to re-enter all of that content. WordPress allows you to easily import data from your previous website so nothing is lost in your migration to a new and improved website. We have gone as far as transferring 15 years of historical data to ensure that our client’s business continued to operate seamlessly.

Backend Integrations

Almost every business that we work with has 3rd party system that they use that they would like to have integrated with their website. Whether it be for showing inventory, managing HR and the hiring process, or having website leads go directly into your CRM system, WordPress has hundreds of quality plugins that integrate with the majority of 3rd party software systems.

Online Job Applications

Are you hiring on a consistent basis? WordPress has some great plugins that allow you to streamline the hiring process through your website and save you a ton of time. We can help you eliminate duplicate data entry and allow applications to flow through to your HR system seamlessly with WordPress.

Social Sharing

Not only is it important to keep content fresh on your social media channels, but it’s equally important to make sure that you are leveraging that great social content on your website. With WordPress, you can easily display social post or feeds of your social channels where it makes the most sense. Also, using the amazing software from our friends at CoSchedule, you can coordinate the publishing of your blog posts and social posts all in one place, and right within the WordPress interface.

We have covered a lot of topics in this post, and thinking about implementing all of these great features on your website can probably seem like a challenge. If you’re tired of having a website that looks outdated or is difficult to manage because you need to call your web designer every time you want to make a minor change, then we encourage you to contact us and have a discussion about how WordPress could make your website amazing and how it can make your job of managing your website so much easier. Just click on the button below to get started.

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