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Top Features of Predictive Maintenance Software

Sensors, internet of things, AI – oh my! Keeping your supply chain productive and healthy has always been a challenge. But thanks to new technology like predictive maintenance software, it’s easier to get a handle on your equipment, inventory and labor. Knowing when to maintain equipment or vehicles before breakdowns happen can now be managed from a software dashboard.

Predictive maintenance can save you around 10-40% on maintenance costs. Let’s give an overview of predictive maintenance software and what top features can transform your supply chain productivity for the future:

About predictive maintenance software

Predictive maintenance software is designed to identify impending maintenance needs, as well as schedule tasks at cost-efficient times. This data collecting and system tracking also help you make smart decisions on the go.

In the transportation and logistics industry, this can aid in performance measures such as:

  • Visualizing needs in a complex supply chain 
  • Improving worker and machinery safety  
  • Minimizing breakdowns in equipment, inventory and labor 
  • Reducing operational costs through high production hours 
  • Early diagnosing of any unexpected problems  

As you can see, this type of software can revolutionize how you manage maintenance tasks across your supply chain.

How does predictive maintenance software work?

Predictive maintenance software collects, processes, and analyzes data at every key point in your supply chain. This can be done through two different methods:

  • Condition-based monitoring: This includes sensor data, such as vibrations, temperature reads, lasers, or other wear-and-tear measures, to understand the condition of the equipment.
  • AI-based monitoring: With more equipment connected via the internet of things (IoT), the software can automatically collect data and make predictions. Using AI, these maintenance predictions can become highly accurate.

In particular, top logistics companies are adopting AI-based monitoring in order to stay up-to-date with the most accurate predictive maintenance.

Top features of predictive maintenance software

The best predictive maintenance software is the one that meets your supply chain needs. However, some favorite features come to mind when looking at different predictive maintenance software. These include:

  • All-in-one management system for equipment, inventory, and labor: Imagine having one real-time location for understanding your maintenance needs across your supply chain.
  • Creation of automated service schedules, with work assignments and deadlines: This type of software also automates maintenance schedules and can even assign workers to tasks. You can manage these deadlines directly from the software.
  • Workflow optimization to know the equipment and labor availability: It’s difficult to get highly productive hours if you don’t have full insights into equipment and labor availability. Using the software, you can optimize your workflow by looking for low cost-benefit hours.
  • App integration for on-the-go insights and notifications: Getting instant notifications about maintenance is essential. App integration with your software can boost your confidence as you’re working from different sites.
  • Reminders on compliance and safety: This software can reduce worker injuries by 10-25%. That’s amazing news to put safety first and prioritize your workers.
  • Offline maintenance reading: You may not always have an internet connection on the go. Offline readings give your maintenance history even if you don’t have real-time numbers.

These are just a sample of the top features that this type of software provides. Some of these features alone could significantly cut costs for your company.

Final takeaway

As digital automotive services become the norm, you’ll need the right systems and tools in place to have a seamless supply chain. Predictive maintenance software digitizes your supply chain and makes it future-friendly.

As you look into software providers, consider these top features. With them, you’ll be able to predict maintenance needs and keep your productivity rate high all year round.

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