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The Benefits of a Get-A-Quote Feature

It’s not uncommon to search online for a top manufacturing company and find an outdated website with little to no appeal.

Although the industry has a traditional reputation, your online manufacturing presence is essential for winning over clients in today’s digital world. After all, 94% of business-to-business buyers perform online research before contacting a manufacturing company.

As you modernize your online presence, you should flesh out key areas of your website, especially your pricing page. In fact, you might consider adding a get-a-quote feature for instant pricing. Potential clients today place high value in getting immediate quotes for their needs. By having a get-a-quote feature, you’ll stand out from the competition and capture new clients. 

Let’s go over the benefits of adding a get-a-quote feature, as well as pro tips for improving your digital presence overall.

Benefits of get-a-quote for the client

There’s a reason why clients love get-a-quote features. Besides being highly convenient, instant quotes are good for business. With this feature, clients get:

  • 24/7 quotes: Clients can get a quote for your products or services at any time. They don’t have to wait for you to respond during business hours or wonder when you’ll get back to them. Instead, they can get a personalized quote day or night.

  • Instant gratification: The digital world is defined by quick turnaround times. Clients love the instant gratification of getting a quote and will be more likely to purchase with fast communication like this.

  • Empowered by choices: Clients getting quotes from potential providers need choices. By providing an instant quote, your company gives them all the information they need to make a purchasing decision. This empowers clients and ultimately helps your company get sales.

  • Follow-through on first client communication: Getting a quote may be the first interaction with a potential client. You can ace this first connection with instant quoting, as well as a follow-through email or call to make human contact. The get-a-quote feature can make a great first impression.

  • Improved customer experience: Getting an instant quote is better customer experience, hands down. It’s easy, quick, and reliable for everybody involved. In turn, this seamless online experience will make potential clients more eager to work with you.

Benefits of get-a-quote for the manufacturer

Building a get-a-quote feature isn’t just ideal for the client. As the manufacturer, you can also benefit from making this feature available. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Employee efficiency: With a get-a-quote feature, your employees no longer have to pull quotes manually, or spend time calling suppliers for accurate pricing. This feature brings together all details at once, so your employees can focus on other customer service areas.

  • Improve accuracy of quotes: Manually generated quotes can have accuracy issues, especially if your company needs to search and confirm all parts of the order. By removing the manual element, you can create quotes that are more accurate in the long run.

  • New clients from online sources: You may have a number of loyal clients, but getting new ones is always a challenge. Instant quotes are an effective way of winning over clients from online sources.

  • Boost brand loyalty: Clients adore instant quotes because they’re easy to get. Clients may have a more positive opinion of your company if you provide personalized pricing like this. In general, this can boost your brand loyalty and increase your sales.

  • Productive integrations beyond sales: Get-a-quote features rely on having integrations with your suppliers for real-time pricing. While this takes some work to set up, accurate and real-time quotes can help you beyond just sales. By having access to information about pricing, availability, and shipping, you can better serve your clients and create efficiencies company-wide.

Your online manufacturing presence

Instant quotes are just one key element of your online manufacturing presence. As you modernize your manufacturing website, it’s important to consider all areas to better capture new clients. For example, you may want to showcase your expertise through a blog, webinar, or podcast. In addition, you can impress potential clients with an updated news section with press releases and product launches, as well as a visual display of your company’s certifications.

Bottom line: you should build your online manufacturing presence intentionally. You can give potential clients a sense of your professional and modern brand through every click on your website.

Final takeaway

As you create your manufacturing website, don’t miss out on an opportunity to wow potential clients with a get-a-quote feature. You’ll not only create company efficiencies but get new and loyal clients. If you’re not sure how to build this feature, reach out to tech experts – like Onsharp.

Remember that your online manufacturing presence is dynamic. Keep up with best website practices by downloading our Checklist for Your Manufacturing Website.

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