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Showcasing Facts & Figures on Your Engineering Website

Statistics are the bread and butter of engineering websites. Not only do facts and figures showcase successful work, they also make a great impression on potential clients.

Yet, it’s common for engineering websites to bury their numbers in long paragraphs and boring charts. This is a missed opportunity, as stats are great for supporting company storytelling.

It’s time to bring out the data and let your company’s projects shine. Today we’ll go over what figures to highlight and how to best present them to capture the interest of potential clients. 

What facts and figures to highlight

First of all, your engineering website shouldn’t simply dump numbers on every page. It’s important to select the facts and figures you think are worthy of getting the spotlight. A few essential statistics may include:

1. Highlighting client challenges

Setting up the problem can be eye-opening. In this case, you can pick numbers that bring client challenges into focus. For example, if your engineering company works on logistics productivity, you could mention that only 22% of companies have a proactive supply chain network.

2. Simplifying complex engineering data

Sometimes your company’s data is complex for the average person. Instead of uploading a complicated report on your engineering company’s new medical devices, you might find a few numbers that give the bigger picture. This way, potential clients don’t have to wade through pages of jargon and irrelevant data.

3. Explaining your company’s solution

You’ll also want to explain how your company solves client problems. Facts and figures that give insight into your products is ideal. For example, perhaps your engineering designs increase energy efficiency by up to 30%. That’s a satisfying result that can catch the eye of potential clients.

4. Emphasizing client results and relationships

At the same time, any statistics on your current clients’ results and relationships is great for getting that human factor. You might consider adding a grid with the number of clients and projects completed. Or you can highlight relationships by getting quotes from clients and determining a “satisfaction rate.”

How to best present facts and figures

There are endless ways to present key company statistics. Depending on the focus of your engineering website, some may be more suitable than others. How you present numbers will also go hand-in-hand with your engineering website branding and content strategy.

To inspire your numbers game, here are our favorite ideas for presenting them:

  • infographics
  • cited statistics
  • images
  • charts
  • 3D designs
  • technical drawings
  • flow charts
  • animations or gifographics
  • downloadables

Any of these options are great for showcasing facts and figures on your website. Just remember to avoid overwhelming your site with graphics. You’ll want to select the key numbers and present them in a user-friendly way.

You should also make sure to label or cite data so that potential clients can check the numbers themselves if they wish. This gives your engineering company credibility and boosts your brand image. When in doubt, you should also give short explanations of any statistics that may not be obvious at first glance.

It’s clear that facts and figures can do wonders for your engineering website. They can bring problems and solutions to the forefront, enhance your brand reputation and get the attention of potential clients. Those are just three good reasons – and counting.

Not sure how to add infographics or animations to your website? Reach out to the Onsharp team for a tech consultation. 

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