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Minimalist Design: How to Maximize the Look of Your Utilities Website

Minimalist design is one of the hottest and frequently used trends for both physical and web designs alike. Known for its simple beauty, minimalism translates well to online platforms because it keeps things efficient, easy to understand, and professional-looking.

Minimalist design is utilized on a variety of popular websites. You’ve probably encountered minimalist themes and website designs dozens of times already just from browsing the internet. One of the most popular examples of a site that uses minimalist design features is Google, the search engine that alone handles more than 2.5 trillion searches per year.

So, what makes minimalism an effective web design choice? Is minimalism a good fit for all websites? How can you implement the trends and structure of a minimalist design into your utilities website? We’ll answer these questions and more below!

What does minimalism look like?

Minimalism essentially applies the concept of “less is more” to design. Minimalism exists not just in web design, but in a variety of artistic and creative outlets like music. It focuses on simplicity and minimal details in general, but the application of these principles might look different depending on the platform.

Here are some examples of what minimalism might look like in web design:

  • Large amounts of negative space (space around and between the subject(s) of an image)

  • Solid colors (black, white, or gray are popular background or feature colors)

  • Large images or photography

  • Visual contrast

  • Simple navigation

  • Typography

  • Short, concise blocks of text

  • Clean text and page layout

What are some of the pros of a minimalist web design?

1. It’s easy to use.

Because minimalist website designs often focus on simplicity and clarity, they often aren’t very hard to understand or to navigate. This is a key point: some of the easiest sites to use are those that feature little to no unnecessary content.

2. It runs fast.

Without many fancy graphics or features to slow download times or create longer wait times, minimalist websites often have little trouble loading quickly and efficiently. With less features on the pages of your site, your users will likely have a faster experience using your site.

3. It eliminates the potential for distractions or confusion.

When users come to your site, you want them to engage with the page and your services. You want information to be accessible and easy to find so that your site encourages users to come back/spend more time browsing. As a utilities site, you may have pages with important information, financial information and features, etc. that would benefit from a simple design. Users who don’t quickly find what they need on a website are likely to click away.

4. It offers the opportunity to focus on content, not just style or look.

When your website focuses on a service, you likely want the emphasis to be on that service. It’s important to balance design and functionality, but an overcomplicated design might take away from the reason your users have visited your site in the first place.

Here at Onsharp, we have experience with a variety of styles of website design. You can click here to check out some of the amazing web designs and websites we’ve worked on. If a minimalist website design (or redesign!) sounds like a great fit for you and your website, don’t wait – contact us now to get started!

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