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Key Pillars of Construction Mobile Apps

The construction industry is changing rapidly. Worksites today are increasingly relying on technology to help them operate more efficiently and effectively. A major key to this trend has been the rise of mobile construction applications.

A well-built mobile app has the potential to revolutionize your job sites. But what features should you add to it? Keep reading to discover the key pillars of construction mobile apps.

1. Site Inspection Functionality

Site inspections are an important part of ensuring that your projects are completed as efficiently as possible. But inspections that utilize paper forms are inherently inefficient themselves. A better solution is to bring that entire process into your mobile app.

Doing so will empower your inspectors to collect the information that they need in a fraction of the time that it previously took them to do so. For example, you can pre-populate information for them so they don’t have to fill it out or use drop-down lists to make filling in the required data faster.

2. Employee/Contractor Timesheets

About 38% of employees still track their time manually with paper time cards. But these are horribly error-prone and create numerous inefficiencies in a company’s operations. If you haven’t made the switch already, now is the perfect time to transition your team to fill out timesheets on your mobile app.

If you use a cloud-based solution, then you can also expect to gather more real-time data about how your employees are spending their time by making this switch. Your managers will be able to determine what each worker is doing and where they’re at during every part of the day. This information can help them make smarter staffing decisions, thereby increasing your team’s output.

3. Customer Invoices

The success of your operation depends on your ability to get paid. Don’t make it harder on yourself with paper forms. Instead, get your team set up with a mobile app that will handle the bulk of the invoicing process for them.

Mobile invoices can be generated in real-time and sent directly from a worker’s mobile device to the proper places. This can significantly reduce the amount of time that your team has to spend on filling out invoices. It also seriously reduces the risk of human error in the invoicing process.

4. Checklists

Checklists are commonly used in project-based industries like construction. They ensure that every step of a particular task has been completed and can be used to share that information with others.

But paper checklists are a thing of the past. You should consider replacing yours with a mobile checklists feature. Doing so will enable you to integrate the data from checklists into your systems much more efficiently. It’ll also make filling out the checklists easier on your workers, allowing them to spend more of their time and energy on the job.

5. Site Safety and Compliance Reporting

Site safety is really important. But the inspections and reporting processes that are required to ensure it can be a huge time sink. Your construction mobile app can also streamline this process with features geared towards safety and compliance reporting.

Your mobile app will standardize the data input process so that you always get the information that you need. GPS data can be used to prove definitively that a safety inspection took place at a given location and a given time.

Your workers will also find it much easier to fill out all of this information on a mobile app instead of on numerous pieces of paper. It’s another way that a well-built construction mobile app can help you get more out of your workforce.

Call Onsharp for Help Designing Your Construction Mobile App

Creating a high-powered construction mobile app requires professional help. If you’re ready to get started, then consider contacting Onsharp. We understand the needs of construction clients because we’ve worked for them before.

Whether you’ve already got an app that you’d like to improve or you’re just beginning to imagine one, we can turn your vision into a reality so that you can unlock the full potential of your workforce.

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