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Is Your Construction Website Mobile-Friendly? Here’s How to Optimize It.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Your construction website is like a house: it should be well-built, functional, and visually appealing.

Yet, construction companies often forget that most clients are browsing online via mobile. If your website doesn’t look good on cell phone screens, you may be losing potential customers. After all, 94% of users don’t trust a company with bad website design.

What does mobile optimization mean?

The way your website displays on mobile is important. Mobile optimization is all about making sure your site looks good and stays functional for small screens.

Not sure if your website is mobile-optimized? You can do a quick diagnostic test through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Just type in your website URL and Google will give you some pointers about how to improve your site for mobile.

Why should you mobile optimize your construction website?

Mobile has recently surpassed desktop in browsing, which means it’s the #1 source of traffic. That makes it a top priority to win over potential customers.

By mobile optimizing your website, you can improve:

  • User experience
  • Brand reputation
  • Google ranking
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate

The better your website looks and works on mobile, the more likely your customers will stick around, check out your brand and get in contact.

Checklist for mobile optimizing your construction website

Ideally, your company should think mobile-first when building your website. However, don’t worry if you’re not planning on redoing your site. You can still boost your website for mobile in a few key ways.

Good for small screens

  • Short, impactful content: Get rid of excessive copy and/or reorganize content onto different pages.
  • Larger buttons: Buttons should be easy to find and click without having to zoom.
  • Good text size: Make sure your users can read your site with ease. Your text size should lean towards the large side.
  • Minimalist elements: Try to pare down your site with the most essential elements (copy, buttons, images, etc.).

Site speed

  • Responsive themes: If you’re using a web builder such as WordPress, make sure to choose a responsive theme.
  • Reliable web host for speed: Your web host should be well-reviewed and follow best practices, so that your site speed is strong.
  • Compressed and lazy-loaded images: Images can be notoriously slow to load, which is why you should always compress them and set up lazy-loading. This is especially true if you have a construction portfolio on your site.
  • Tested site speeds: Get a sense of your site speed by doing tests and working on cutting down load time.

User experience

  • Easy navigation: It should be easy to get around your site on mobile and get in contact through well-organized menus and buttons.
  • Auto-fill for forms: Auto-fill is a user-friendly feature that allows potential customers to breeze through any forms.
  • Auto-detect for location: Knowing your users’ locations can be helpful for providing nearby services and suggestions.
  • Guest checkout: Guest checkout on mobile is a must in case users don’t want to go through a complicated sign up process.


  • No pop-ups: Pop-ups on mobile just don’t work. Deactivate them for mobile so your users don’t get annoyed.
  • Optimized meta: You should take care with your headers and meta description, so that they help you get powerful rankings on mobile.
  • Social-connected content: Mobile and social go hand in hand. Make sure to set up share buttons and other social connections.
  • Keyword research: Come up with mobile-friendly keywords that are shorter and more direct than a desktop search.

Build your construction website better

As you build and update your construction website, use this checklist for mobile optimizing it. It’s essential that you continue to improve your site for potential customers connecting from their cell phones.

In addition, you should always be getting feedback and tracking analytics about what’s working and not. This way, you can get practical insights about what areas of your website could use extra attention.

Remember that your construction website is just one part of your brand’s digital presence. You can work on modernizing your website by downloading our list of WordPress themes for construction sites. You can also improve your online channels by checking out our blog or contacting the Onsharp team today.

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