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Is a Website Update on Your To-Do List? Check it Off Within a Week

As a small business owner or manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The idea of creating or updating your website is probably overwhelming and perhaps a little intimidating, as most people aren’t quite sure where to start. At Onsharp, we have a passion for small business websites and we’ve developed the systems to make creating a new website easy. So easy, in fact, that we’ve put it all together in a Website in a Week program.

What does Website in a Week look like?

Our Website in a Week program is designed to help you define your project, determine what’s possible in a week, and prioritize your vision so you can decide if you want to do everything at once or break it down into smaller successes in a shorter time period. The Website in a Week timeline is the five business days from the time you provide us with the resources we need until the time we hand your website over to you for pre-launch testing and revisions.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Kickoff Meeting/Strategy Session

Once you select Onsharp as your website partner, we do some pre-work before the Website in a Week timeline really gets rolling. We start with a kickoff/strategy session, where we work with you to determine how big your project is, what your priorities are and what your timeline look like. Through this process, we help you determine whether your website is truly doable in a week or if you have a bigger vision.

We also gain a clear, mutual understanding of who will be doing what along the way. Our goal is always to help our clients be as self-sufficient as they want to be. With that in mind, we’ll help you determine which parts of the project are in your wheelhouse and which ones make sense to hand off to us. If that means we show you how to do things and you do them yourself, that’s great. If that means you want nothing to do with it and just want us to take the project from start to finish, that’s fine, too. (We even have an entire coaching team dedicated to making small business owners successful in the digital world!)

Step 2: Development

Once you’ve provided your content and images (or have approved the content we’ve created), we develop your website and hand it off to you for pre-launch testing and revisions. Development all happens within five business days.

Step 3: Training, Revisions, and Launch

We believe knowing how to work with your updated website is just as important as having one, so we always include WordPress training as part of your website project. Once you’ve completed pre-launch testing, our WordPress experts use your revisions as hands-on training material to ensure you’re comfortable working with your site once it goes live.

When revisions are complete, you pick a date and we make sure your new website is launched!

Does it have to all happen in a week?

The process can go as quickly as you’re comfortable pushing it. We’re always realistic about what can be accomplished in a week and aren’t afraid to challenge you about priorities when we understand your vision. The key to success, however, is setting realistic deadlines for pre-work and testing, and making sure everyone meets their deadlines.

How do I get started?

Our team would love to show how easy your website project can be. All you need to do to get started is get in touch with us!

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