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How Can the Engineering Industry Utilize Mobile Apps?

The engineering industry is an extremely important one. Its work is fundamental to the progress we make as a society. Despite that, until recently, the development of mobile applications specifically for the engineering industry has been limited. However, more and more engineering companies are beginning to find value in mobile apps.

Keep reading to get a closer look at how they’re doing it.

Virtualizing the Design Process

The engineering industry is changing. Deloitte lists digital technologies as one of the key avenues through which this change will occur in the coming years. Mobile applications are playing an important role in this shift. Much of their value comes from their ability to virtualize the design process.

Mobile applications enable engineers to take their work with them wherever they need to go. This has been made possible by advancements in accessibility to web and remote design tools. The benefits of this are obvious; engineers who are free to work whenever and wherever they want are able to make more efficient use of their time. This saves the company money by increasing employee productivity.

Companies are already using these technologies to great effect. For example, the Ventilator Project used AutoDesk 360 Fusion to collaborate and design their ventilators virtually during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. They were able to use a mobile application to design a better ventilator model.

Improving the Component Selection Process

Component selection plays an important role in the engineering industry. Engineers need to have access to the right parts to build and maintain the machines they work on. However, finding the right components can be challenging and time-consuming.

That’s why several mobile apps have sought to address this problem. Developers have started releasing 3D parts catalogs and catalog management solutions that are available through mobile applications. Tools like these have the potential to drastically cut down on the challenges engineers face while searching for the right parts.

For example, an engineer can use a 3D parts catalog to automate their search process. They can select the various attributes of the parts they need and quickly locate the exact one they’re looking for. This simplifies the entire component selection process and offers engineering companies another opportunity to save money through increased productivity.

Simplified CAD Viewing

The engineering industry can also use mobile apps that simplify the computer-aided design viewing process. There have been several innovations in this area that have the potential to save engineering companies money and time.

For example, developers have created applications that allow engineers to view all of their CADs in one place — even those that wouldn’t normally be compatible with one another. Many of these applications also offer geometry simplification properties to help companies protect their IP. This protection is excellent when coupled with a secure website.

Depending on your needs, your company may even be able to find a simplified CAD viewing app that’s free to use. It’s another example of how mobile applications offer the engineering industry unique opportunities for improvement.

Designing an App to Meet Your Needs

Your engineering business can also benefit from building its own applications that are targeted to your company’s specific needs. Designing an app can be especially valuable in this age of heightened application use. The average American accesses a mobile app 8.3 times per day. That makes integrating applications into your engineering business a smart way to keep pace with the preferences of your most valuable employees.

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