Want to Conduct an SEO Review? Here’s How MozBar Can Help.

When you’re developing an SEO strategy, it’s important to have all of your bases covered, whether it’s updating your meta descriptions or ensuring you have enough keywords in your content. One of our favorite tools to use when conducting an SEO site review for any given website project is the MozBar tool, a Google Chrome extension from Moz. With MozBar, you can search for keywords on any page, research different types of links available on your site, and more.

Here’s how it works:

As you can see, MozBar allows you to make sure you’ve inserted all of your SEO content into the back-end of your website.

But what else can MozBar do? Take a look at this video to see:

If you want to learn more about MozBar and how to use it check out this blog for a more detailed walk-through. And contact us today to get started with SEO if you need a little extra help.

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