The Benefits to Adding #Hashtags to your Twitter Bio

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February 9, 2018
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February 15, 2018

Hashtags can help your messages increase reach and visibility while connecting you with people and organizations with similar interests. But, hashtags have a lot of pull in another space on Twitter – your bio.

Here are some tips on how you can use hashtags to your bio and why it’s a good idea:

Your profile appears in results via Twitter Search.

Having hashtags in your Twitter bio helps increase the “search power” of your profile. By adding hashtags that others may search in your bio, your account can pop up in Top Searches and Accounts results for these phrases, as seen below. Add hashtags that are relevant to your industry so you can show in the top results included Twitter accounts who used those hashtags and/or phrases in the bios.

Hashtags can showcase and share your interests.

Part of the fun of being on Twitter professionally is being able to share what you love about your job or your life and how those coincide via social. Whether your interests lie in #digitalmarketing, #design, #dogs or #greentea, using hashtags in your bio can get the conversation going with other professionals who share the same interests.

The hashtags in your bio connect you with other professionals.

Along with your mini introduction of who you are, adding a hashtag can connect you with others in the industry.  Adding a hashtag that follows your brand encourages followers to share experiences that surround what your business is about. Below, we have some examples of how we integrated hashtags in our bios. We added a little personality about what we like personally to show that we value being professional and having fun!

Click the image and zoom in for a close-up preview of how we upped our twitter game with hashtags in our bios!

So, what hashtags will you be adding to your Twitter bio? Let us know by tweeting us @Onsharp.

If you’re ready to start incorporating hashtags into your Twitter Bio or your digital content, explore our digital marketing services or contact us today.