Website Vulnerability Scanning

Website Vulnerability Scanning

Regular vulnerability scans are an essential ingredient to keeping your website safe and secure.

How do vulnerability scans work?

Because new security vulnerabilities surface regularly, these scans detect weaknesses in websites, networks, and communication equipment. In other words, vulnerability scans are useful in pointing out the weak spots in your website.

At Onsharp, we provide our website customers with quarterly vulnerability scans as part of a suite of products and services that we call Website Essentials (click here to learn more). Upon completion of each scan, we automatically address any vulnerabilities found causing the scan to fail and re-scan until they receive a passing score. This gives them the peace of mind they need to know their website is safe and secure.

Request a FREE vulnerability scan.

The best way to prepare is to be one step ahead of the game. To help get you on the road to a more secure website, whether it is hosted on WordPress or not, we would like to offer you a complimentary scan of your website. Simply complete the form request your FREE vulnerability scan.

Once the scan is completed, we will send you the results by email and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about how to address any vulnerabilities found in the scan.