Aggasiz Drain Tile & Sales Website Redesign

Project Goals

Agassiz Drain Tile came to Onsharp wanting not one, but two refreshed and updated websites. They were looking to update both their Drain Tile and Sales websites to accurately reflect not only their services and products, but also to emphasize who they are as a company. By providing a direct link to existing manufacturer websites, the business wanted to ensure clients could easily search available models and get specific details they needed.

Our Solution

Onsharp worked with Agassiz Drain Tile to implement their project goals by providing them with custom contact forms to enable site users to get in touch both quickly and efficiently. With the Drain Tile site, it was important to provide a contact form that allowed for inquiries pertaining to various job locations, while the goal for the Sales site contact form was to drive users to get in touch to further discuss parts and equipment details.


The partnership between #TeamOnsharp and Agassiz Drain Tile resulted in two easy-to-navigate websites, showcasing each site’s unique and individual focus. The custom contact forms for each site are simple for prospective clients to complete and submit. Both sites were created to be mobile responsive, and Google Analytics was installed to provide better analytics to determine who is visiting the new sites and how people are using them.

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