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November 28, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Where should we start?

Welk’s understands the importance of having a professional online presence to attract new customers and display detailed company information. While Welk’s was doing a good job advertising through their Facebook and Google Place pages, they were looking for a way to strengthen their local search presence and reach their target market of customers.

Eric Welk, owner of Welk’s Lawn Care, expressed the company’s desire for a website, saying, “We knew that we needed a strong online presence to attract new customers and grow our business. We also wanted a mobile-friendly way for customers to find us quickly and easily when searching for lawn care services.”


Laying out the guidelines

Onsharp worked with Eric to lay out a plan for the new website. Eric shared his vision and goals for the site, and Team Onsharp helped him develop a site map and find a theme that fit his vision. The process enabled Eric to have a clear idea for what content and images needed to be developed. When all of the content and images were in place, Onsharp helped Welk’s with content editing and SEO tactics to make sure the company would rank higher in search engine results. Once everything was finalized, Team Onsharp developed the website on WordPress, a user-friendly content management system.


A place to call home

Welk’s Lawn Care now has a simple and professional-looking website where customers can find all of the information they need when searching for a lawn care provider. One of the best parts about the site is how, because of the easy-to-manage and user-friendly CMS platform, the Welk’s team is able to maintain and make updates to the website on their own. With the new site, Welk’s can continue to grow their online presence and continue to serve customers for many years to come.

Eric shared his excitement for the new website, saying, “With the help of the Onsharp team, we’re now more confident in our ability to attract new customers online. Our website provides a place for customers to easily access our company information; helping us continue to grow our business for years to come.”

Welk’s Lawn Care

Welk’s Lawn Care is a family-owned business in West Fargo, North Dakota that provides value to its customers through their passion to improve, maintain and revive their customers’ lawns. Welk’s Lawn Care is not only recognized for their customizable lawn-care services, but for their focus on customer service and overall satisfaction. With the quality commercial grade equipment and products used by Welk’s, your lawn will be left looking maintained and professional.


 Services Provided

  • Website Development

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