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Standing Out Among the Rest

For the UND College of Business and Public Administration (UND CoBPA), standing out among their peers was a must. And, as one of only ten accredited business and public administration colleges in the Midwest, they knew they needed to be connecting to a wider audience than students and faculty on campus.

After meeting with Onsharp, the team at the UND CoBPA decided their best plan of action would be to use their existing social media channels in a strategic way to connect with the students, faculty, alumni, and organizations they wanted to impact online. But how would they do it? And how would they get started?


Preparing for Success

After learning about the challenges and goals the UND CoBPA had, Onsharp recommended creating an annual content calendar and hashtag strategy. An annual content calendar would provide the UND CoBPA with an annual structure for their digital presence, as well as help to generate content ideas. The hashtag strategy would outline the best hashtags to use to connect the UND CoBPA to the wider audiences they were after in a more strategic way.  The comprehensive approach and level of detail included in these projects meant they’d be the ideal resources for the UND team to start implementing right away.


Building a Strategic Digital Marketing Presence

The partnership between the UND CoBPA and Onsharp was a success. Only a few weeks after implementing the annual content calendar and hashtag strategy, the UND CoBPA began seeing a lot of original content being shared, and started getting noticed across the UND campus.

After seeing how successful their new content is, Laura Arneson, director of external relations for the UND CoBPA, shared her excitement, saying, “Onsharp helped provide support in showing how using various social media channels can be a very manageable process and create an expansive impact when using certain hashtag strategies. I was also very impressed by the information gathering sessions. The Onsharp team promoted great questions to really get a compressive look at the college and from that was able to build a very robust outline that will be integral in our communication strategies.”


Now, the UND CoBPA stands out in more ways than one.

University of North Dakota College of Business and Public Administration

Serving an average of 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students a year, the UND College of Business and Administration is the largest school of business in North Dakota. With more than 20 student organizations, 16 undergraduate programs, and 4 graduate programs, the UND CoBPA is dedicated to providing their students with enhanced learning opportunities and innovative coursework.

 Services Provided

  • Annual Content Calendar
  • Hashtag Strategy

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