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November 30, 2017
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Figuring out where to start

As an in-demand motivational speaker and author, Reneé Rongen and her team knew the power of social media.  Their Facebook page saw regular engagement and they could track speaking gigs directly back to Facebook.  But Twitter was a different story.  An intern had helped them set up a variety of channels, including multiple Twitter accounts and an Instagram account.  They had been sharing content consistently for a while, but the accounts were left idle when the intern moved on.  The team wasn’t sure where to start to regain momentum.

Lanelle Vasichek, director of marketing for The Reneé Rongen Experience, expressed her team’s need for a social media strategy, sharing, “We needed to learn how to use different social media channels to engage with our different audiences. We were already pretty active on Facebook, but were unsure of how to best take advantage of Twitter and Instagram to deliver additional value and content to our followers using these specific channels.”

And it wasn’t for lack of content.  The team was bursting with creative ideas – quotes, stories, and even videos – but were unsure where and how they should be implementing their new ideas. “It was fun from the moment they stepped in the door,” said Kirsten Jensen, director of digital marketing for Onsharp. “They had so many great ideas, we could immediately see the possibilities.”


Creating a custom plan

To kick off the social media strategy, Team Onsharp asked Reneé and her team to talk about both their pain points and their goals.  The Reneé Rongen Experience team identified the main struggles and challenges they faced, and shared their goals for marketing and community efforts. Following the meeting, they made an extensive list of the content they already had to use or repurpose. Then the Onsharp team went to work connecting the dots in the form of a social media strategy guide.

The final social media strategy guide included:

  • Guidelines for what social media channels the team should be active on
  • Example posts showing what that activity should look like
  • Best practices for each of the social media channels
  • Goals for social media post frequency and community size growth
  • A plan for what content to post where


Unleashing the possibilities

As a result of the social media strategy guide, Reneé and her team now have an action plan for each of their social media channels. The strategy helps them choose the right content, the right approach, and the right platform to post it on. Now they can connect with all of their followers and audiences in a more strategic and meaningful way, and have a guide that makes it easy to understand what messages work best on each channel. And the Twitter account that was idle for so long is now buzzing with the stories of Reneé’s travels and events.

Lanelle shared her enthusiasm for the end result, saying, “It’s exciting that we’re making this a priority. By leveraging Twitter and Instagram alongside Facebook, we’re creating more awareness about what we’re doing, which allows our followers to join the conversation.  This will add a never-ending array of future possibilities for our team.” 

The Reneé Rongen Experience

Reneé Rongen is an inspirational and motivational speaker who encourages her audiences to make a difference in the world by uncovering and using their unique talents and gifts. Reneé is well-known for her authenticity and passion for making a difference in the lives of others. Reneé’s transformational stories and content-rich messages motivate her listeners to take action and live differently. Renee is not only a highly in demand speaker, but a recognized author, entertainer, and entrepreneur.

 Services Provided

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy Guide

If you’re unsure of how you could be making the most out of your presence on social media, the Onsharp team is here to help you uncover your goals and unleash your potential.