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December 23, 2016
Rebecca Undem – Website
December 30, 2016

Driving without a map

It’s never good to drive without a road map, especially with lots of traffic. Having a map allows you to make strategic turns, ultimately leading you to your final destination. Reach Partners came to Onsharp looking for a road map. They knew a few basic directions, such as that they should be on Facebook and publish a blog, but they didn’t know how to engage users or measure their progress – or even where to start. That’s where Onsharp came in. The Onsharp team provided Reach Partners with a much needed road map on how to promote and engage attendees of the Women’s Health Conference in Fargo via digital strategies.


Building the road map

Onsharp built a comprehensive road map that utilized a variety of tools to promote, engage, and build conversation and registration for Women’s Health Conference. This was done by collaborating with the Reach Partners team to:

  • Create a content calendar to give direction to their social media channels.
  • Develop a hashtag strategy to build conversation around and at the event.
  • Introduce tracking and measuring tools for the website, blog, and social channels to measure progress and effectiveness.
  • Manage all social channels during event so event planners could focus on managing the event.
  • Provide training to Reach Partner’s team and vendors participating in the summit.
  • Set up social channels, such as Instagram, to reach their diverse audience.
  • Utilize Facebook advertising’s unique targeting features to reach their audience.

In the words of Reach Partners team member Rachel, “Onsharp provided everything! And the best part was that we knew if we ever got stuck, we wouldn’t have to sit there and struggle on our own; they would be there to help us. We received a very high level of support.”


Making it to the final destination 

Throughout the process of working with Onsharp, Reach Partners saw a variety of results. After the Women’s Health Conference in Fargo, their Facebook page earned over 70 additional likes and their contest received 528 entries and seven shares. One of the most rewarding results from the campaign was the website receiving traffic from hundreds of relevant individuals. Though the average bounce rate for a successful campaign is around 40%, Reach Partners saw an unheard of 14.77% bounce rate due to their strong, comprehensive approach.

The Women’s Health Conference in Bismarck also brought promising results. Communities actively engaged on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, with the Women’s Health Conference gaining 26 new likes on Facebook and 81 new followers on Twitter. Website traffic also had exciting results – there were almost 900 new user visits to their website during the two weeks leading up to the event.

Reach Partners team member Anita summed it up, sharing, “Onsharp provided the framework and handed us the map. We knew that we would have to drive the car. A map doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it to where you want to go, but Onsharp’s strategic planning and exceptional customer support did.”

Reach Partners

Reach Partners provides project management services throughout the region. They revive key projects with an individualized project management approach to maximize the client’s processes to achieve desired outcomes and ensure internal teams remain focused on daily operations.  One of the projects Reach Partners manages is the Women’s Health Conference in Fargo and Bismarck.

Services Provided

  • Event Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing

If you’re stuck in traffic without a roadmap, let Onsharp create a custom road map to guide you through the digital marketing space.