Paradiso Mexican Restaurant – Website
December 30, 2016
Posterboard – Website & Web App
December 30, 2016


 Services Provided

  • WordPress CMS
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting

Project Goals

As an attorney licensed to practice law in North Dakota and Minnesota, Krista Andrews saw the need to help attorneys and clients streamline the divorce process. Teaming up with developer Tim Brookins, her dream became a reality through the creation of their app, PartUs. From there, the team approached Onsharp looking to construct a website to market the application and business entity. They envisioned a simple, yet functional website to further promote who PartUs is and what they do.


Our Solution

Onsharp worked to find a WordPress theme that best fit the needs of the growing business to achieve the look their team was striving to emulate. Between a mixture of informational and promotional content and imagery, the website came to fruition. Throughout development of the site, Onsharp made certain to equip the PartUs site with a built-in blog functionality to use for future content. Meanwhile, with screenshots of the app sprinkled throughout, the website supplied an accurate visual representation of the PartUs application.



The partnership between Onsharp, Krista, and Tim resulted in a user-friendly and captivating website. Using WordPress, an easy-to-use content management system, the PartUs team is able to quickly and efficiently make updates to the site as their business expands and flourishes. From adding new testimonials to the home page to including relevant content to their blog, the PartUs team continues to reap the benefits of their new website in marketing the PartUs application.

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