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December 30, 2016
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Recognizing a Need

The North Dakota Autism Center supports individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. The work they do is important for the state and community, which is why they knew they wanted to provide useful and informative content for the people and families they serve on their website. Struggling with a website that was outdated, difficult to update and did not reflect their amazing services, they turned to Onsharp to create the new website they needed.


Unleashing the Potential

The teams got started on identifying the requirements and goals for the new website. Together, they determined that the new site needed to have an updated look and feel, display existing content in a better way, and offer easier navigation for both visitors and managers of the site. The North Dakota Autism Center also stressed that the site needed to accurately reflect the professional services they provide. Plus, they wanted to get the site done quickly so they could start promoting it leading up to a busy time of fundraisers and events.

With the goals and objectives in hand, Onsharp set out to develop the new North Dakota Autism Center website. They started by recommending WordPress, an easy-to-use website content management system. From there, they selected a theme that provided a professional and modern appearance and customized it to meet the center’s brand. They also included visual graphics to display important information, including the AuSome Kids Day Program Scholarship numbers. Together, all of the updates allowed for an updated look and feel, easier site usage, and simpler navigation for site visitors and managers. And it was all done in a little over one week’s time.


Putting the Best Digital Foot Forward

With a new website in hand, the North Dakota Autism Center is now excited to present a true representation of their organization and what they have to offer the individuals and families they serve. They’ve had very positive feedback about the new website and have seen increased engagement in important areas such as recruitment. They recently hired a highly qualified team member for a key role in the organization, and they credit the new website.

Development Director at the North Dakota Autism Center, Darcy Kasprowicz, said, “Working with Onsharp was a great experience! They helped us launch our new website in one week! They were very patient and understanding when I had questions. The site looks great and I keep getting wonderful feedback on our new look! Thank you, Onsharp, for helping us create a website that show cases our exceptional services.”

North Dakota Autism Center

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, the North Dakota Autism Center offers exceptional care, therapy, advocacy and support to those in need.

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