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December 23, 2016
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December 30, 2016

A Campaign Worth Sharing

With summer coming to a close and the back-to-school phase in full swing, Gate City Bank had a plan to get everyone excited for the school year ahead. They organized a “Back to School Bash” – an event centered on spreading the word about their new personalized bank debit cards. The new personalized cards offered custom designs, showcasing school pride for regional colleges, universities and high schools. Gate City Bank wanted to reach the right people, including local high school and college students, as well as loyal fans and alumni. Knowing that fans love to talk about their school pride online, they identified Facebook advertising as a key tactic – it was content they hoped their customers would share. And, because the project needed to be both highly targeted and completed quickly, they turned to Onsharp for partnership on the project.


Connecting in New Ways

After reviewing Gate City Bank’s promotion strategy, timeline, and goals for the event, Onsharp created a Facebook ad strategy. The deliverable included both targeting and creative recommendations to carefully craft the ads to reach and appeal to specific audiences. For example, an NDSU Bison ad targeted both interests and geography and included the hashtag #BisoNation.

With Onsharp’s recommendations, Gate City Bank created the images and implemented the ads in-house. Within a week from start to finish, the Facebook ads were running and promoting the big event.


Making an Impact

Gate City Bank saw impressive results with their Facebook ads. They not only reached their target audiences, they were able to engage with them to comment, like and share information about the new debit cards. This meant good results for the promotion and genuine connection with potential customers in social media. It truly became a campaign worth sharing.

Sales of their personalized debit cards exceeded their expectations. Amy Durbin, Marketing Manager at Gate City Bank, shared “We were new to Facebook advertising and knew it would be a perfect fit for this campaign. We’re thankful to Onsharp for making it quick and easy to use this powerful tool to reach our target audience.”

Gate City Bank

A hometown bank since 1923, Gate City Bank has been striving to provide a better way of life for their customers, employees, and communities. Serving many North Dakota and Minnesota communities, they fulfill their mission by providing excellent services, unique offerings, and charitable contributions.

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