FMWF Chamber of Commerce – Social Media Action Plans
December 23, 2016
FMWF Chamber of Commerce – Twitter Training
December 23, 2016
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Looking for Structure

The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce knew they needed a defined strategy for their social media presence. And with a relatively new communications team and multiple social media channels to manage, they were looking for an easy-to-execute, actionable plan. With the help of Onsharp, the Chamber had already completed a social employee program, complete with Twitter training and individual action plan training. They knew Onsharp was the right choice to partner with for their larger social media strategy through social media strategy guide coaching.


Eliminating the Disconnect

Because of the many programs and groups within the organization, the Chamber had over a dozen social media accounts and profiles. Understandably, this became hard to manage for both the communications team and program coordinators, and made having a strategic, consistent connection with their audience challenging. The first social media strategy guide coaching session addressed this right away. The program kicked off with an initial session to introduce the social media strategy guide framework and how it helps teams form a plan for social media goals and management.

The following three sessions focused on strategy development to help the Chamber team craft their guide specific to the purpose and goals for each channel. Throughout the process, the Chamber found it helpful to split up their research tasks according to what channel each member would be focusing on. This allowed them to bring the most specific knowledge to each coaching session. It also allowed them to better narrow in on their goals for each channel. Amanda Hofland, Communications and Marketing Manager at the Chamber, shared her appreciation for the training stating, “The coaching process helped us realize which of our current social media platforms were already working well, which weren’t, and how to make them all fit into a cohesive brand and voice.”

Onsharp worked with them every step of the way to provide helpful insight and guidance. The Onsharp team also challenged the Chamber by asking questions and sharing ideas, in order to help them really think about their most important priorities and how they could pare down their strategies to create the most comprehensive, yet efficient, social media strategy.


Improving Effectiveness

At the completion of the four coaching sessions, the FMWF Chamber of Commerce had a complete social media strategy guide. With the help of Onsharp, they were able to clearly articulate their goals, determine their top priorities, and focus their social media efforts on the most important and effective channels. Amanda shared that, “Because of this coaching, I have a better framework for managing our company’s social media accounts now. It’s so helpful to have a guide to refer to when I’m not sure what to post and defined goals to be working toward. These goals help us think through each post to make sure that it fits with our entire strategy, and follows the voice and topics we determined were best for our audience.”

Since completing the coaching, the new social media strategy guide has helped the Chamber improve their overall digital presence through increased efficiency and improved content effectiveness. “We have already seen the benefit of our strategy guide. Now that we know how to best manage each platform, we’re seeing engagement rise and have refocused our efforts accordingly,” said Amanda.

And the Chamber team even put their social media knowledge to work and shared their excitement for their social media strategy guide coaching on Twitter:

Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce

The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce is a business organization, advocating for a strong metro community by providing support for members in both Clay and Cass Counties. The main goals of the Chamber include fostering an environment of economic growth, attracting investment, growing jobs, and providing visionary leadership throughout the region. The FMWF Chamber is the largest is North Dakota and Minnesota with a grand total of 2,100 private, public, and non-profit member firms.

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