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Looking for Change

Having a website that’s easy to maintain and update is just as important as having one that represents your brand.  Family HealthCare knew this – and they knew their website wasn’t fully meeting their needs. While the website had great content, it had an outdated look and feel and didn’t accurately reflect their growing organization.  Family HealthCare knew they needed to make changes, but they weren’t quite sure how or where to start. They turned to Onsharp for help. The goal was to create a professional website that the Family HealthCare team could confidently update and manage.


Working Together

In the discovery session, Family HealthCare shared a few key features they were looking for, including:

  • Donation Integration – ability to collect donations directly from the website
  • Maintenance Friendly Design – ability to update in-house
  • Budget Friendly – identifying the scope and features that would have the most impact

Their website had originally been built in WordPress, a user-friendly content management system. Onsharp recommended they continue with that platform.  Then Family HealthCare and Onsharp worked together to develop the new website design, maximize and edit existing content, and optimize the site for SEO and analytics.

Knowing that staying on budget was a priority, Onsharp made sure to utilize Family HealthCare’s existing skill sets among their team. Mike Unser, digital marketing strategist at Onsharp, said, “In order to keep the budget low, we worked with Family HealthCare to find out what their capabilities were so we didn’t complete work for them that their team could do themselves.” Family HealthCare played a large part in the entire process, working closely with Onsharp every step of the way.


Training is Essential

While having an updated and professional website was a priority, Family HealthCare also wanted to make sure it was something they knew how to maintain.  Onsharp analyzed their needs to recommend the appropriate website tool and provide thorough training.

Instead of high-level training that only introduces the tools, Onsharp used the final changes from testing and reviewing the site as the training curriculum.  With guidance from Jerad Barbot, web analyst at Onsharp, Family HealthCare got hands-on experience and became very comfortable in the maintenance process.  Chief Operating Officer at Family HealthCare, Kaylin Frappier, said that they “appreciated that the training appealed to a wide variety of skill sets. We now have several employees of different backgrounds who are very comfortable in maintaining the website.”

The Family HealthCare staff was extremely grateful for the collaboration and guidance they received, and appreciated the assistance and expertise Onsharp provided throughout the entire project. “We were very pleased with everything, from how Onsharp understood our business and our needs to how they facilitated the project to find the best tool for us to maintain. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Onsharp,” shared Kaylin.

Family HealthCare

Family HealthCare has been providing affordable, quality healthcare to the Fargo Moorhead region since 1990. Their experienced staff strives to create a place where everyone can feel respected and welcomed while receiving personal, dedicated, and high quality medical treatment.


 Services/Training Provided

  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • WordPress CMS
  • Website Maintenance Training

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