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Facing a Unique Challenge

As a sandwich shop in an area with a large population of college students, Erbert & Gerbert’s knows it’s important to create offers and deals that bring in students. For the past seven years, the restaurant has been giving college students in the Fargo-Moorhead area a special offer during finals time. This “finals week survival kit,” a complete meal at a discounted $5 price, is available during the weeks of first and second semester finals.

As they had in the past, the restaurant offered this deal again in December 2014 during finals weeks for area colleges. While the deal was a steal for any college student, Erbert & Gerbert’s was having a hard time driving traffic to certain shop locations during the $5 special period. They wanted to find a way to increase brand awareness on certain campuses and increase shop traffic to specific locations. Marketing coordinator for locally owned Erbert & Gerbert’s shops, Sarah Hinnenkamp, expressed her thoughts early on in promotion planning, sharing, “We have never had a huge presence on social media during this promotion, so this is our chance to really get the word out there.”


Cooking up a Plan

After learning about the goals and visions that Erbert & Gerbert’s had for the campaign, the Onsharp team went to work creating a social media campaign focused on increasing brand awareness and getting college students to visit the locations participating in the special.

Onsharp delivered a content calendar with recommendations for what to post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to attract and engage the target market. Along with the content calendar, Onsharp designed imagery to accompany social media posts and help promote the offer. To get the attention of the target audience, Onsharp recommended leveraging popular memes for the campaign.

In addition, Onsharp utilized a tool called Buzzcut, a local promotion application for restaurants and bars to share specials around the Fargo-Moorhead area. Leveraging this tool strengthened the overall campaign and furthered the reach of the special promotion.


Seeing Delicious Results

By implementing the social media campaign in its entirety, Erbert & Gerbert’s saw great improvements. The number of college students taking advantage of the $5 special grew, and so did greater Erbert & Gerbert’s brand awareness through increased engagement on social media platforms.

Throughout the course of the campaign, almost 4,000 people were reached on Twitter and Facebook. An overall of 8,000 impressions took place across all social media platforms. And perhaps the most exciting, for the first time in the seven years of this promotion, all of the shop locations had students come in to take advantage of the deal.

Sarah showed great excitement for the project’s results, saying, “Throughout the project we saw a lot more engagement happening on our social media channels, especially Twitter. I was excited with all of the different kinds of content we were putting out there and love that the Erbert & Gerbert’s brand can do things like this because it makes me think about how much potential our future holds. All in all, this project opened up a new way of thinking and everyone at E&G was getting involved!” Erbert & Gerbert’s now has the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to more effectively and efficiently reach their target market of college students during their finals week special and other similar promotions.

Erbert & Gerbert’s

Erbert & Gerbert’s is a cutting edge sandwich shop that strives to provide the most delicious sandwich experience to its customers. It started in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where the first shop opened about 20 years ago. Since then, Erbert & Gerbert’s has opened 80+ shops across the country! Their vision is to provide customers with not only a great sandwich, but a flavorful experience that brings a smile to the faces of customers each and every time they visit an Erbert & Gerbert’s location. Onsharp worked with a licensed franchisee of E&G Franchise Systems, Inc. and helped with four of the owner’s locally owned locations in Fargo-Moorhead.


 Services Provided

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  • Social Media Campaign

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