VantagePoint Hubspot + Authorize.NET Integration

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Custom Integration Case Study

VantagePoint Hubspot + Authorize.NET Integration

VantagePoint Marketing is an agency located in Anoka, MN that provides the tools small businesses need for affordable professional website design, brand development, and digital marketing.

Location: Anoka, MN
Industry: B2B Service

Services Provided: Custom integration between HubSpot and Authorize.NET.

VantagePoint's Goals

VantagePoint Marketing was looking to build an integration between their Authorize.NET and HubSpot software platforms that would reconcile payment statuses for payments made in Authorize.NET with the appropriate customer record in HubSpot. This integration would eliminate a large amount of manual data entry that employees were performing in order to reconcile every single Authorize.NET payment with the customer records in HubSpot.

Onsharp’s Work

Onsharp worked directly with VantagePoint's HubSpot representative to confirm that their version of HubSpot provided the necessary API access needed to build the integration. Onsharp generated API keys from the VantagePoint HubSpot and Authorize.NET accounts in order to provide the secure access to both systems.

Onsharp created an integration service leveraged the web hooks feature of Authorize.NET and subscribed to the appropriate events to update the status of a payment for a customer in HubSpot in real-time, linking payments to customers based on the customer's email address. Payments typically have varying statuses as they work their way through approval. The integration was intelligent enough to synchronize all available payment statuses provided by Authorize.NET and update both the current status of the payment and the authorization number fields on the customer record in HubSpot.

Once the integration service was created, Onsharp provided secure hosting in a properly configured environment with necessary firewall rules in place to ensure security and to allow for outside access to the HubSpot and Authorize.NET APIs.

The Results

The integration service developed by Onsharp completely eliminated the the time required to reconcile payments between Authorize.NET and Hubspot and provided additional information about payment statuses that were not available before. "We've allowed the and Hubspot integration that Onsharp built for us to run for a bit now, and it's been working great!" said MacKenzie Anderson, Project Manager at VantagePoint Marketing. "Our team is thrilled to get several hours per week back to be able to do more valuable work in our business."