Treatment Collaborative for Traumatized Youth Website Design

Web Design Project Summary

Treatment Collaborative for Traumatized Youth Website Design

Treatment Collaborative for Traumatized Youth (TCTY) is a mental healthcare organization that uses a learning collaborative approach to spread evidence‑based mental health services for youth and their families. They service North Dakota and the surrounding regions.

Location: Fargo, ND
Industry: Healthcare

Services Provided: Website Development | WordPress CMS & Training | Keyword Research & SEO | Content Refresh | Logo Development | Website Maintenance & Hosting (learn more)

TCTY's Goals

After discussions between Onsharp and TCTY, they identified TCTY’s four key factors for success, including:

  1. Improving user experience
  2. Improving communication between TCTY and network clinicians
  3. Creating the ability to notate specialty trainings on the youth roster
  4. Having the capability to add an adult roster

Additionally, they wanted to bulk up content about the organization, remove their blog, and rework their sitemap. What made this project unique to Onsharp was that TCTY needed to have two searchable lists on their website—one for clinicians and another for agencies. These lists needed to have the following search filters: clinician name, agency, city, and treatments.

Onsharp’s Work

Onsharp took a tactical approach to reaching TCTY’s goals. Their project plan was to tackle the sitemap and content organization first, then move onto reworking the content itself. They chose a WordPress theme that helps portray the light, bright, and uplifting feeling TCTY wanted to exude. Plus, it would be easy to update in the future. Onsharp prepared an Excel document (provided by TCTY) that could be uploaded to the website to be used for the clinician list. Onsharp also added a contact form, making it easy for TCTY to receive messages directly from their site. With the nature of their work comes some security concerns, which Onsharp is addressing through their website hosting and maintenance services. Most importantly for TCTY's branding, Onsharp developed a custom logo to use on their website, marketing materials, and internal documents.

The Results

Once Treatment Collaborative for Traumatized Youth had their website redeveloped, they upgraded to a professional-looking website that was easy to navigate. It has more company information, contains two searchable lists of clinicians and agencies, and has the potential to easily add pages as needed. They have descriptions of each adult and child/adolescent treatments they advocate for in addition to the information about trainings individuals and businesses can attend. Finally, TCTY’s visitors can log into a portal on their website that allows them to download resources needed for those clinical trainings.