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App Development Case Study


Organize and sort through important documents and receipts in seconds.

Caden Coleman, a young entrepreneur, had a vision to help people better organize their important documents and receipts.

Coleman came to Onsharp with an idea for an app he needed help bringing to life. His app would allow people to save and sort through their documents and receipts in seconds, all from the palm of their hand.

About SiftTech

Caden had an idea to build an app to help users ditch their old file cabinet filing system and organize and sort through important documents and receipts in seconds, all from the palm of their hand. “SiftTech is an app that allows you to snap a photo of a document or receipt quickly, save it, and quickly sift through those receipts or documents you’ve uploaded when you need them,” says Caden. 

He wanted the user to be able to input keywords or letters simply into the search function to pull up the documents saved within the app.

Overcoming Challenges

What SiftTech Set Out to Solve

Many people still rely on physical receipts and documents, which are vulnerable to damage and being misplaced. And where do most people store these documents? In their over-filled, old-fashioned filing cabinets!

With Onsharp’s help, there were two problems Caden wanted to create a solution for:

Making Document Storage
Easy and Digital

Making the Retrieval Process
Quick and Simple

I had a great experience with Onsharp. Everything was smooth sailing — it couldn’t have been better.

Caden Coleman
, SiftTech


Helping Users Be More Organized

Developing a solution for the problems SiftTech was looking to solve required our team to keep three things in mind as they worked to build the app:

  • Functionally: How will users upload and retrieve documents? What features are needed to make storing, saving and sifting effortless?

  • User experience (UX): The app should be intuitive and easy to use.

  • Security: Since the app will store potentially sensitive information, it must be secure.

Caden had a vision for how he wanted the app to function and tasked the Onsharp team with building the features. 

  • Snap: He wanted the user to be able to snap a photo of a receipt or document easily. Then using the crop feature, resize the image to make it clearer before filing.

  • Save: He wanted the user to press a clear ‘save’ button once the photo was ready to save. Once the user clicks ‘save,’ the newly uploaded document will be filed in a virtual folder they created. Users also would be able to set up permissions to share documents and folders with others with just a touch of a button.

  • Sift: With the built-in search tab, users can find any receipt or document they’ve saved by using the built-in search tab that allows you to filter by whole keywords or single letters.

In collaborating with Onsharp developers, Caden’s vision for an intuitive digital filing system came to life — with all the features and functionality highlighted above.

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Reflecting On the Partnership

“Not only was Onsharp’s cost better than [other development firms], but being local to me, being able to go and sit down with someone and speak with them directly was the biggest pro to working with them,” Caden said.

With so many people working remotely these days, it’s nice when we get the opportunity to collaborate face-to-face with passionate people on projects that are important to them.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done, but having Onsharp readily available makes collaborating super simple,” said Caden, who also appreciated Onsharp’s ability to provide service for an individual on a more intimate level. “I would recommend Onsharp to anyone, whether individuals or companies,” he said.  “I had a great experience with Onsharp. Everything was smooth sailing — it couldn’t have been better.”

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