Profit Pros Business Health Check Product

Getting started

He was ready. Neil Blanchard and his team at Advanced Business Solutions had spent more than a year prototyping their Business Health Check tool with customers. The complex formulas built in a simple spreadsheet had proven capable of uncovering hidden profits for companies in a variety of industries. And thanks to Neil’s clear vision and business case, the program had received funding from the state of North Dakota through Technology-Based Entrepreneurship and Innovate ND grants. The tool was ready to become a software product.

But there was the issue of what to name it. The name Business Health Check had worked fine during his prototyping phase. Yet both Neil’s intuition and the coaching he received from his grant program indicated it wouldn’t provide the differentiation needed to stand alone as a software product.

Standing alone also meant information about the product could no longer be one click deep on the Advanced Business Solutions website. As a unique product, it needed a website that made it easy for potential customers to understand the merits of the product. And it needed clear calls-to-action for product demos.

Refining the vision

To make his product dream a reality, Neil engaged Onsharp for discovery. Built on the belief that understanding comes first, Onsharp’s discovery process is designed to articulate the vision for a project in detail. Together, Neil and the Onsharp team clarified business goals, defined use cases, and captured functionality requirements. “I was impressed by the questions I was asked during discovery,” said Neil. “It really made me think about how I wanted the product to work and what I wanted the user experience to be.”

With discovery complete, Neil was armed with a full set of requirements for creating his product. The Onsharp development team set forth to develop the custom application that would enable accountants, CPAs, business advisors, and business owners increase profits and grow their businesses.

Meanwhile, Neil began working with Onsharp’s digital marketing team on the name and positioning of the product. While there were no products exactly like his, a digital marketing discovery helped to uncover how products with a similar target audience positioned themselves. And, keyword research revealed that “business health check” was returning results related to business wellness programs and occupational medicine, not financial health. The team collaborated with Neil to comb through keyword research and how he talked about his unique product in meetings and materials to define a new name – together landing on Profit Pros.

Once the brand was developed around the name, the next order of business was a website. Onsharp recommended a simple, one-page site focused on the product benefits, with clear calls-to-action detailing how users could try the product. In addition to building the site, Onsharp helped with content coaching, image selection, and search engine optimization.

Becoming a reality

Just a few months into the launch of the Profit Pros product, and equipped with a brand new website, the Profit Pros team has been busy with demos, with more scheduled each week. The product has been incredibly well-received. Seeing success of the launch, Onsharp’s Director of Development, Joe Hixson, said, “We were excited about Neil’s vision for this project from the start. It’s great to see that vision become a reality.”