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Website Redesign Case Study

Posi Lock

Posi Lock is a premier manual and hydraulic puller manufacturer, ranging from 5-ton to 200-ton capacities. With sales across North America and Europe, they’re one of most recognized puller manufacturing companies today.

Posi Lock’s Goals

Posi Lock needed their website completely redeveloped—and it needed to be completed before they flew overseas for a conference, making this project time‑sensitive. They needed individual product pages created from information listed in tables on their site, and they needed to eliminate discontinued products from that list. Finally, they wanted to pay homage to their roots by updating their “About Us” information.


Onsharp’s Work

With guidance from Posi Lock, Onsharp built over 200 product pages based on information in the original product tables and updated information provided by Posi Lock. These products are categorized and searchable by relevant puller industry metrics, including tonnage, reach, and spread. Onsharp updated each product image and image gallery to reflect the listed product, which included a 360 degree, spinning image for all manual pullers. To make this possible, Onsharp found a special WordPress plugin that could facilitate this functionality. Onsharp also recreated their Puller Identifier and Product Registration forms, making it easy for new or returning users to interact with Posi Lock. Last but not least, Onsharp hosts Posi Lock’s website on a secure server and performs routine maintenance to ensure its security.


The Results

Posi Lock had an updated website by the time they left for Europe. Between Onsharp and Posi Lock, they were able to perfect the content and user experience for Posi Lock’s visitors. Their website has a complete list of their most important products with their corresponding documents, images, and other information available on each product page. Users are able to browse Posi Lock’s inventory, view related products, and use the special tools Onsharp created.

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