Managed Services Website Design

Managed Services Website Design

Web Design Case Study

Managed Services Website Design

Managed Services is a total building maintenance service contractor located just outside of Minneapolis in Bloomington, MN. They specialize in HVAC maintenance and repair, janitorial cleaning, general maintenance, and facilities management.

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota
Industry: Construction

Services Provided: Website Development | WordPress CMS & Training | Keyword Research & SEO | Content Refresh | Website Management & Hosting (learn more)

Project Goals

Managed Services appointed Onsharp to create a new website with an updated look and feel that could be viewed well on multiple devices. Since they serve a large, commercial market in the Twin Cities with their maintenance services, they needed their website to clearly list their services and what type of work falls under each one. Finally, they just wanted to give their visitors a more user-friendly experience on their site.

Onsharp’s Work

With Managed Services’ goals in mind, Onsharp reworked their original website content after completing keyword research—taking care to include relevant location and high-performing, relevant words and phrases. They updated Managed Service’s meta descriptions and titles to optimize their webpage SEO as well. Finally, Onsharp customized an agreed-upon WordPress theme with font, their reworked content, new images, and a personalized contact form, which Managed Services did not have at the beginning of the project.

The Results

From the same time in 2018 before their new website launched, Managed Services’ site performance has only gotten better. Their page views increased by 26.07 percent, bounce rate decreased by 11.02 percent, and they saw a 5 percent increase in organic search traffic.

Before Onsharp developed their new site, Managed Solutions had a wealth of untapped potential with no easy way to optimize their site on their own. In addition to making the website mobile-friendly, Onsharp took their original homepage content out of their images and onto the page where Google could read it; On-page content is one of the things Google looks for while ranking websites for search results. Their keywords, meta descriptions, heading tags, layout, responsiveness, and organized content also help them rank well on Google. Managed Services' site flows in a logical and effortless way that directs their users to contact them, which helps them get more business.