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Grouser Products Website Design

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Grouser Products Website Design

Grouser is a manufacturing company out of West Fargo, North Dakota, and they make certain types of dozer blades, tracks, front hitches, and more for moving silage, snow, and construction materials. While their products are popular in the U.S., they’re also popular across Europe.

Location: West Fargo, ND
Industry: Manufacturing

Services Provided: Website Development | WordPress CMS & Training | Keyword Research & SEO | Content Refresh | Website Maintenance & Hosting (learn more)

Grouser's Goals

All of Grouser’s goals included having the ability to easily make updates in the future, but they had a couple main goals in mind. Their first goal was to have their product manuals be searchable by serial numbers. Additionally, Grouser wanted to merge their 2nd website dedicated to one product with this new website. Finally, they required some of their videos to remain on the site so they wouldn’t lose visitors to YouTube.

Onsharp’s Work

Onsharp met with Grouser multiple times throughout this web development process to process their feedback and remain on the right track. After the initial project kickoff meeting, Onsharp conducted keyword research to find viable search terms to include in their content. Next came a series of steps, including WordPress theme research, initial website development, and testing. Onsharp also included a language translation feature to their website in order to reach international audiences. Finally, Onsharp conducted client training, in which they trained Grouser personnel how to make updates to their website.

The Results

Comparing 26 days prior to their launch versus the 26 days after, Grouser saw an increase in all the right numbers. Their overall users increased by 6.26 percent while their new users increased by 6.39 percent. Their number of sessions increased by 11.19 percent, and the number of sessions per user increased from 1.26 to 1.32. While the number of pageviews and pages per session decreased (which can be attributed by the reorganization of their website), their average session duration increased by a whopping 16.50 percent. Finally, their bounce rate decreased by 5.43 percent.

Google Analytics new users data Google Analytics average session duration data Google Analytics bounce rate data

Basically, what this means is that users are spending less time digging for information that isn’t immediately available to them and more time engaging with the information they’re interested in. More new users are accessing their site and not immediately leaving without navigating to another page.


Grouser has a structured site that provides solutions to their users’ needs; their visitors can browse all of their products, find a dealer, or locate the correct manual for their product on one website. The content on their V3 Flexplane website was transferred to their new site, making it easier to find and increasing their domain authority. With their audience in mind, they implemented a dealer locator map that provided locations based on their users’ browser location—not based on a zip code that would need to be manually entered. Their website is accessible to all Europeans who speak a variety of languages as well.

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