Onsharp Website Redesign for Bombard Renewable Energy

Bombard Renewable Energy Website Redesign

Web Design Project Summary

Bombard Renewable Energy Website Redesign

Bombard Renewable Energy has been serving Nevada’s solar needs since 2004 and has installed more solar photovoltaic panels than all other Nevada solar panel contractors. They are focused on providing property owners with energy savings and are licensed, insured, and certified to provide the best services.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Industry: Utilities

Services Provided: Website Development | WordPress CMS & Training | Website Maintenance & Hosting (learn more)

Project Goals

As a Las Vegas-based organization building solar power systems throughout the entire state of Nevada, Bombard Renewable Energy realized they needed to re-energize their website and provide users with a taste of Vegas. To make this happen, they approached Onsharp to partner up for a new website.

From reworking their sitemap to highlighting their projects in the Residential, Commercial, Utility, and Government sectors to refreshing their digital marketing strategy, the Onsharp team knew what needed to be done.

Our Solution

With an abundance of content and high-resolution, high-quality photos, the Bombard team equipped Onsharp with a substantial starting point. Onsharp’s Development team researched WordPress themes in order to find one that would encompass Bombard’s considerable amount of content, as well as provide built-in functionalities to aid in integrating it.

Meanwhile, the Digital Marketing team got to work and created a keyword strategy, annual content calendar, and hashtag strategy which would all be used as they revamped site content and wrote new blog posts.


The new Bombard Renewable Energy website exemplifies the organization as a whole. With an implemented keyword strategy, their site content is optimized for SEO. The second a user heads to the site, they are greeted by an aerial video providing glimpses of past projects, showcasing the company’s extensive experience. Meanwhile, while heading to the About Us page, users can find the Vegas skyline shining bright.

With a website that actively pays tribute to both who they are and what they do, Bombard Renewable Energy left their website project overjoyed by the product created. Onsharp’s Digital Marketing team continues to partner with Bombard in creating blogs and social media content.