Beans Coffee Bar Website Redesign

Steeping an idea

The idea for a coffee shop was about more than just opening a coffee shop for Heidi Holland, owner of Beans Coffee Bar. It was a personal dream. The coffee shop would be a way to honor her late father, Don Larson. As a father, husband, and former North Dakota State University football coach, he was known as a devoted and caring person and family man. And for Heidi, he was someone who had inspired her, shared her love for coffee, and nicknamed her “Beans.” With the help of her husband and support from her seven children, Heidi made her dream a reality when Beans opened in January 2015.

As a family-friendly place, Beans was attracting customers of all ages. Customers were coming to try Beans’ custom menu items and share stories. With their shop up and running and a Facebook page being the primary place to advertise their location and menu options, Heidi realized something was missing. She saw the need for Beans to have a better digital space to reach their wide variety of customers, tell the Beans story, and showcase menu offerings. But they also needed to be conscious of their budget, and needed something simple enough for them to maintain themselves.

Brewing up a plan

Beans was ready to move beyond having a simple social media presence. They were ready to have a website of their own. As a new store, in addition to having a set budget, Beans also faced the challenge of accessibility. They wanted to make sure customers could quickly find the coffee shop’s location and what they serve off the website alone. Onsharp Web Analyst Jerad Barbot listened to the issue and sought solutions to help. “I wanted the website design to allow users to easily find the location, contact info, menu, and to see photos of their brand new space,” he said.

After discussions with and guidance from the Onsharp team, Beans and Onsharp narrowed down a list of requirements for the new site, which included:

  • Mobile-responsive – to create a good user experience for all customers
  • Clean and simple – to eliminate any unnecessary clutter from the site
  • Professional – to be consistent with the brand and showcase the Beans mission

The Onsharp team got to work creating and refining a website that matched the vision Heidi had. They chose WordPress, a user-friendly content management system, because it not only provided the features Heidi was looking for but also allowed for easier maintenance in the future. After the website development was complete, Onsharp also trained the Beans team on how to manage and maintain the website in-house, something that was important for Heidi and the team.

Savoring success

The partnership with Onsharp was filled with good communication and a common vision and goal for the site, which helped deliver an exceptional final product.

Now, equipped with a clean and simple site that clearly showcases their products and tells their story, Beans feels happy with the impact the new site has had on their store. “Best money Beans has spent. It was such a treat working with Onsharp on our beautiful new site,” Heidi shared.

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