How to Use Instagram to Highlight Company Culture

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When it comes to employee satisfaction and productivity, company culture is becoming more important than ever – just look at the stats from recent research:

  • Companies with an established company culture have a turnover rate of 13.9% compared to 48.4% at those without.
  • 63% of the happiest workers telecommute, work remotely or work some combination. Flexibility is important.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle. Good health reduces absenteeism by 27% and good health = more energy at work.

But company culture doesn’t just impact retention and employee satisfaction. It also impacts recruitment efforts, connects you to your community, and ultimately gets people talking about your brand. One of the easiest ways to highlight your company culture is to show it, and Instagram is a perfect channel to do it with.

Here are some things you should be doing to feature your company culture on Instagram.

Share a Real Work Day in Action

Showing your followers a real work day in action is a great way to highlight what a typical day on the job looks like. This gives your followers an idea of what your company is really about.

Happy #takeyourdogtoworkday! We are so lucky to celebrate this day, every day!

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Exciting day in downtown Fargo! The sun is out and the crane is being dismantled at RoCo. #ilovefargo #downtownFargo

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Celebrate Employees

At #TeamOnsharp, we love seeing new faces in the office and celebrating other employees from different companies in the area. Featuring employees on Instagram is a fun way to introduce them to your audience and show them that they’re appreciated.

Demonstrate Volunteering & Community Involvement

People want to work for companies that give back to their communities. Whether you’re participating at an event or collecting donations, snap a picture and share it for your followers to see.

Inspiration day!! #community #tedxfargo #ideasworthspreading #iloveothers

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Share Company Outings

All work and no play? Not on Instagram! This is the perfect channel to share outings and experiences that make your company unique. Some of these experiences can include holiday parties, impromptu team lunches, company yoga classes, and more.

Showcase Events

Attending or hosting an event? Use the event hashtag and share photos and videos of your company’s involvement!

Incorporate Your Branded Hashtag into Posts

We share a lot of photos at work and company events on our Instagram account by using our branded #TeamOnsharp hashtag #TeamOnsharp. This makes company photos and videos searchable and gives our employees the opportunity to share them with their own accounts.

So, there you have it! As you can see, Instagram can be a great way to incorporate and showcase company culture.

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