How To Craft the Perfect Event Recap Blog or Email

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March 8, 2018
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March 28, 2018

The event you hosted is over, your guests have gone home, and everything has been packed away. Now what?  It’s time to focus on crafting an event recap blog or email to share with your attendees and your community!

To help simplify the process and to make sure you include all of the important details, follow these six easy steps for crafting the perfect event recap blog or email.

1. Write it soon after the event. Writing the blog or email while the event is still fresh in your mind is very important. With the event still fresh in your mind, you’ll be able to remember all of the little details and exciting moments that happened throughout the day and be able to share these with your attendees, speakers, beneficiaries, and so on.

2. Keep it short and simple. No one wants to read a ten-page play-by-play recap of what happened the night before. Instead, provide them with a simple outline of the event and impactful takeaways speakers or attendees may have shared. Make sure to reinstate any underlying theme of the event and include any powerful quotes that were shared with guests.

3. Thank the speakers, sponsors, and attendees. It’s important to recognize those who devoted time to making your event a great one. Don’t forget to feature all of your speakers and sponsors and thank them for the generosity and donation of time. Also, don’t forget to thank all those who attended the event.

4. Use event hashtags. The event may be over, but that doesn’t mean the use of the event’s hashtag needs to be as well. Including the event hashtag in the blog or email will help to further enhance the event’s online presence while also sparking your guests’ and attendees’ memories of it. The event hashtag is a great way for everyone to come together after the event and share their thoughts, photos, and memories from it, too.

5. Include a call-to-action. If you hosted a fundraising event, or an event that depended on guest or volunteer interaction, make sure to provide a call-to-action in the event recap blog or email. Just because the event is over doesn’t mean you have to stop talking about your cause. Don’t be afraid to include a donation or volunteer link or for anyone who may have missed the opportunity during the event, or would like to participate again.

6. Showcase event media. Providing your readers with enticing photos, slideshows, or videos will get them engaged and excited to read the blog or email and participate in your call-to-action. It’s also a great way to showcase your event’s successes with those who weren’t able to make it in a visual way.

Following these steps is a great way to craft an event recap blog or email with a punch. You’ll leave your readers excited and waiting for next year’s event to roll around. If you’re hosting an event and need help with crafting content or digital marketing, get in touch with our digital marketing team to get started.

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