#HighFiveFriday to @MoorheadSchools for Acing Their Social Media Presence

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April 21, 2017
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May 18, 2017

At Onsharp, we love seeing local companies, people, and groups taking part in the latest social media trends. To show our appreciation and love, we regularly choose one amazing social media account to highlight in our High Five Friday series. These accounts may excel because they used an awesome hashtag, have a stellar online presence, or are really good at interacting with their followers on social.

For this week’s #HighFiveFriday, we’re giving @MoorheadSchools an A+ for having an awesome social media presence on Twitter. While working collaboratively with the community to provide an excellent education for each learner, @MoorheadSchools values promoting pride, celebrating students and staff, and advocating for children and youth within the community. Each of these values they hold is evident through their wide variety of content that highlights unique aspects of their schools.

Let’s take a look at how they’re keeping followers engaged on Twitter:

They celebrate staff and students

Showing appreciation to followers, staff, and students is a great way to showcase a positive, encouraging attitude online. It’s clear to see that @MoorheadSchools is doing just that on their social platforms.

They use #SpudPride to generate excitement 

Hashtags are a powerful way to connect different audiences to similar content. As you can see, @MoorheadSchools does an awesome job of generating excitement about different activities happening at their schools by posting content using the #SpudPride hashtag.

They share information in a timely manner

If @MoorheadSchools has something going on, you can be sure they’ll keep you informed on Twitter. From Academic Awards Night to updates on construction projects, they’re doing a great job sharing timely information to their followers.

They retweet posts from other Moorhead Spud accounts

Sharing a wide variety of content from other Moorhead schools and organizations is a great way to keep followers engaged and interested. By sharing content from different accounts across the district, they appeal and connect to people following those accounts.

Way to go, @MoorheadSchools! Thanks for sharing your creative content with our community. #TeamOnsharp is proud of you for your impressive social media presence! If you haven’t already, make sure to give them a follow on Twitter.